Planet of the Apes


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 45%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 27%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 194511


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Mark Wahlberg as Captain Leo Davidson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by destinylives52 6 / 10

Very Inferior Remake

An inferior remake of the original, "Planet Of The Apes" (2001) has Mark Wahlberg playing an astronaut who gets sucked into a time warp thingy in space and crash lands on a planet where apes rule and enslave primitive humans. Luckily for Wahlberg, a female ape (played by Helena Bonham Carter) has the hots for him (!) and sets him free. With the help of a couple of apes and a band of humans Wahlberg has set loose, they search for his ship that contains a device that can send an S.O.S. to Wahlberg's mother ship. Closing in behind Wahlberg's group is a large, ape army all stirred up to kill Wahlberg and any human who dares defy the dominance of apes.

My most memorable, movie moment of "Planet Of The Apes" is the final scene, which is a surprise, twist ending. Unfortunately, it doesn't make sense. I suspect idiot, studio executives were to blame, probably counting their chickens before they hatched (or should I say counting their monkeys before they were born), looking for a way to introduce a possible sequel and didn't care that it made no sense. Damn you, idiot, studio execs! Damn you all to hell!

In a nutshell, this remake of "Planet Of The Apes" is a rock covered in a fancy wrapper. It doesn't matter how pretty the wrapper isÂ…what you have is still a rock.


Reviewed by sheronbalas 8 / 10

Don't watch this underrated movie as a remake, watch it as a different movie

I watched this movie first before the original. I have watched both films many times. In my viewing experience, this movie was definitely better than the original, but that may be because I watched this first. This film did lack something extra, but there were many interesting parts. The quality was definitely better than the original. The apes were more ape like. They used their ape strengths instead of being more like humans with a mask on. A must watch if you did not watch the original.

Reviewed by tankace 3 / 10

Brief overview of this disaster.

I won't spend much time reviewing this film for in all honesty many critics have done that better than i could ever do it. This only a brief take to a unmitigated disaster.

This film was one of the the most hyped of its era and it was thought that it could do it. A great director, a cast full of Oscar winner and nominees and extremely well made visuals and make-up, so what when bananas and made this film so bad?

For ones it is almost the same with the original, second dialogue that makes me wish to be deaf, third a stiff acting and finally one of the most idiotic ending in film history. I honestly am unable to say anything more .

If something is to be said is that this film destroyed the reputation of Tim Burton as a great director and from this point on he is but a shadow of his former glory, many actors reputation was stained by that film and it took them years to come back in to the spotlight.

However in all this disaster there is one good thing that came out: A guide of how not to make a remake ,which future directors and studios can uses in order to make good films and I believe that it has help ,if the new trilogy of the Planet of the Apes films is any indication.

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