Piranha 3D


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 73%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 44%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 78424


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Kelly Brook as Danni
Elisabeth Shue as Julie Forester
Adam Scott as Novak
Christopher Lloyd as Mr. Carl Goodman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 10 / 10

Girls gone wild plus fish

The opening scene with Richard Dreyfuss (Jaws) fishing was worth an added star. He gets sucked into a computer generated whirlpool. The plot is simple: fish eat people. Rather than create mutated or altered fish we have prehistoric fish which gives us an underwater cavern scene which could have used some more imagination. The fish, who lived in the cavern should have been blind, a point missed by the producer who was too busy recruiting porn stars, Ashlynn Brooke, Gianna Michaels, and Riley Steele for cameos. Yes there is nudity and lots of it, including underwater full frontal and a severed male organ being devoured by our prehistoric fish. The boat used in the movie has the name "Barracuda." The actors can't help the bad script. There is plenty of blood and devoured bodies, especially the bottom half. Lots of underwater, fish eye views. In this case the campy re-make is better than the original, which doesn't take much.

Reviewed by hulkismadang 1 / 10

Kill it with fire!

This not a movie. It's a abomination. I hate this movie to death like it's very lack luster and I guess it's fun if I have sh*t taste of movies. I want to punch someone for this mistake and why people like this crap? It's not even good. Bad story, bad plot, bad characters, bad ideas, bad acting, and BAD EVERYTHING!!!!! Okay I'm done, bye now.

Reviewed by grantss 4 / 10

Predictable and formulaic

Had potential, but ends up as another common-or-garden creature-horror movie. Plot is predictable and formulaic - pretty much Jaws In A Lake, and a b-grade attempt at that. Direction is paint-by-numbers. Most amazingly for a 3-D movie, the CGI isn't that great.

Acting is so-so. Elizabeth Shue does her best with a dud script. Steven McQueen is one-dimensional. Jerry O'Connell only ever had one dimension to his acting. Ving Rhames has never had any pretense to be anything more than an action actor, and does that role well here.

Jessica Szohr is good in her role, and Kelly Brook (and dozens of other girls) provide the eye candy.

Brief cameo from Richard Dreyfuss, in a clear link and homage to Jaws. Christopher Lloyd does one of his usual over-the-top insane performances.

Could have been a new and innovative take on a genre, but wasn't.

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