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Tom Holland as The Novice - Brother Diarmuid
Richard Armitage as Raymond De Merville
Jon Bernthal as The Mute
John Lynch as The Herbalist - Brother Ciaran
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sydneyswesternsuburbs 10 / 10

Classic Religious Flick Part 2

Director Brendan Muldowney has created a gem in Pilgrimage.

Starring Tom Holland.

Also starring Richard Armitage who has been in another classic flick, Into the Storm 2014 plus the classic TV Series Strike Back 2010-2017.

Also starring Jon Bernthal who has been in other classic flicks, Wind River 2017, Sicario 2015, Fury 2014 and the classic TV Series The Walking Dead 2010-2018 and the classic TV Mini-Series The Pacific 2010.

I enjoyed the violence.

If you enjoyed this as much as I did then check out other classic religious flicks, Made in France 2015, Deliver us From Evil 2014, The Devil's Candy 2015, Rebirth 2016 and Cleanskin 2012.

Reviewed by ladybug2535 8 / 10

Excellent period piece...but most people seemed to have missed the point.

I loved this movie, for all of the reasons others have praised it--and I don't feel the need to repeat the plot points or "all of those reasons" here. Yet almost everyone seems to have missed the point of the ending--and yes, there IS a point. It is NOT ambigious in the least. I won't give anything away here except will say that if you have paid attention--to the story, to the characters, to their motives, you will indeed "get it". No it doesn't give you "happily ever after" finite, "the end", but it does provide an end to the story they were telling--and the rest of what comes after isn't part of that story.

Reviewed by Mark Turner 8 / 10

Foundation of Faith

Originality in films is rare. Most are based on several well used formats with little or no changes from one to the next. So when a movie comes along that uses a plot device that you've not seen used prior it makes you curious. In some cases the result is bad, others perplexing and, as in the case of PILGRIMAGE quite nice.

The year is 1209 and on a small island in Ireland a group of monks protects a sacred relic from the outside world. Then an emissary from the Pope arrives to tell them his holiness requires that the relic be transferred to Italy immediately. The monks are hesitant but follow the instructions sent by the Pope.

So begins a journey to bring the relic back to the home of the Church. Among the group of monks is a young novice named Brother Diarmuid (Tom Holland), a wide eyed innocent who has not yet been exposed to the brutality of the world. By his side is a man known only as The Mute (Jon Bernthal), a man with a past having already fought in one Crusade or another. His silence is in part due to his penance for acts that occurred there. Also along are a few of the other monks as well as Brother Geraldus, the man sent by the Pope.

There journey begins uneventful but as they travel they are intercepted by a group of knights, Normans the leader of which pays his respects and offers them safe passage in return for two items. First, he would like to see what the relic looks like. Second, absolution for the deaths he and his men have inflicted over the years.

Both wishes are granted and the relic is revealed as an item touched by the hand of Matthias, the disciple chosen to replace Judas after his fall. It is said that the relic is blessed with that touch leaving it one of the holiest of items to be found. That the Pope wants it brought to Italy says it all.

But there is betrayal to be found here as the son of this nobleman wants the relic for himself. Rather than aid the group in their travels he sends them into a trap only to catch up with those he employed later. With a few of the group uncaptured they try and reclaim the relic and continue on their journey. But this will not be an easy task. In the end the young Diarmuid must grow up and the Mute must put his faith on display by returning to old methods he'd chosen to leave behind. And just who is worthy of possession of the relic will be revealed.

The first thing that makes this film different than most is the location and how it is displayed on screen. This is not the hilly Ireland full of lush green vegetation that we've grown accustomed to in films like THE QUIET MAN. Certainly there is plenty of green in the forest but the landscape is a bleak one displaying the problems that would have been faced not only in living off the land but in traversing it as well.

The combination of not knowing exactly who the good guys and bad guys are also makes the film interesting. One is never quite sure just what and how valuable the relic is at first and once revealed the motivations of all involved in the handling of that relic come into question. So much so that the result of what happens with it shows that one considered worthy might actually have been the most destructive presence on the trip.

The acting here is well done with much of the film spoken in several languages that make the subtitles a must have. Gaelic and French as well as English are spoken and each of the actors does a fine job switching from one to another. Holland, mostly known now for his role as Spider-man, shows a naivety that's required for the role. But it is Bernthal who stands out. He's made a name for himself over the past few years starring first in THE WALKING DEAD and racking up numerous credits since then. His silence here speaks volumes and his berserker skills make him a formidable combatant. But it is the display of faith through his actions and expressions that cause one to pay attention when he is on screen.

This is not your average every day movie but that shouldn't stop you from seeking it out. The story is compelling and the acting, as stated, make it worth watching.

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