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Angus Scrimm as The Tall Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dworldeater 10 / 10

Great horror classic, one of the best!

Phantasm is one of my favorite horror movies that holds up really well as the years pass by. Don Coscarelli 's masterpiece of horror is very original and a nightmare vision of existential weirdness. Angus Scrimm gives an intense and brooding performance as menacing horror icon The Tall Man. The Tall Man is mortician at the Morningside Funeral Home which our kid Michael as well as his brother Jody and pal Reggie discover some nefarious activities of The Tall Man where he reanimates the dead for his own evil purposes which do not always take place on our plane of existence. Phantasm is a very cerebral horror film, but also delivers on gore, atmosphere and cool characters. The series of films is essential viewing for horror fans and the films get weirder and more sci fi as they go. In my opinion, the first and second film are remarkable and by in large the best. The score is incredible and iconic and in my view Phantasm is untouchable as well as one of the finest horror movies of all time.

Reviewed by Dalbert Pringle 2 / 10

A Demented By-Product Of An Overactive Imagination

If I were to actually sum up 1979's "Phantasm" in just 3 itsy-bitsy words - Those words of my choice would be - "Absolute. Putrid. Rubbish."

Yeah. OK - I can understand (40 years ago) an impressionable 16-year-old kid watching this horrific nonsense and (as a result) being satisfactorily "awed" by it.

But seeing this contemptuously erratic excrement today (as a mature-minded adult) - It was, without question, a total insult (on all counts) to the sound reasoning of any thinking person.

Containing no logical coherency, whatsoever - This completely stale fright flick - IMO - Was the absolute nadir of trashy/cheesy 1970's horror.

Reviewed by Heinz Hoogenboom 4 / 10

trouble and strife

this film made shivers in the marrows of my bones like a rash of jelly? This long man is the pig spit of my uncle Callie - a repulsive fellow who used to laugh at me until I literally cried my eyes out. As you can imagine, the affect this fiml had on me was tenfold!. After viewing this film for the tenth time, I finally plucked up the courage to ring my estranged uncle. "Callie" I gobbled down the line. "Why did you used to mock me so? Why?" But of course the line was dead and I realized I never had an uncle Callie and the film had reawakened my other personality, archdeacon bubbles.

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