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Ksenia Solo as Holly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by L_Copa 5 / 10

Pretty messed up, it makes you think some things so worth Watching!

The movie might worth a 5 but it's meaning makes it worth watching. It is kind of a psychological thriller that makes you think about humans and out instincts and behavior. The acting was pretty good and the plot good but small. It is for sure better than other horror movies but i recommend you see this alone at night.

Reviewed by Halimah Jedani 3 / 10

so damn trite ...even if the black guy lived...

bad acting. bad sequences, hardly any rational cohesion. the characters were so poorly developed as their cartoonish motives. if only there was an original Asian film to cling to, reassuring the audience there was hope that somebody knew how to tell this story properly-- but not even that safe space exists...MAKING US THE REAL VICTIMS, screw this trope infested erroneous waste of 94 minutes of yr life!

Reviewed by shinsrevenge 9 / 10

Who's the real monster?

It's been a while since I wrote a review, but this movie was so interesting that I took the time to write down my opinion. It is about a young man and the woman he wants. When she shows no interest he starts to stalk her and build a cage to imprison her.

Even though you get the feeling that he's the bad guy and she's the victim, the movie shows his motives and emotions so well that you can understand them. According to the young woman's analysis he suffers from insecurities, self-hatred, depression and loneliness. Undoubtedly this combination can lead one to dark and dangerous paths. Yet the movie manages to surprise you by revealing that things sometimes aren't as they appeared to be. Quite the opposite actually. And as things unfold and secrets come to light you'll find yourself wondering who to root for.

The story is interesting enough and the acting is significantly better than I would have expected given the topic and the summary I had read before watching. Lately there seem to be many movies around that thematize crimes and delinquents (often mentally ill ones) from a very unique and special point of view. This is one of them. Much like "The woodsman" (2004) it may not be suitable for everyone, but I found it interesting and worthwhile.

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