Personal Shopper


Action / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
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Kristen Stewart as Maureen Cartwright
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kstevens-88033 9 / 10

Unique/Engaging Character Study of Loss and Grief

I saw this movie a few days ago and have been haunted by it ever since. I am writing this review more to clarify my own thoughts and feelings rather than to try and influence anyone to see (or not see) it. I have always believed the sexiest/most compelling thing about a woman is her confidence, and, for me, Personal Shopper is the cinematic equivalent of that belief. I cannot remember ever seeing a movie so supremely confident in itself, which kept my eyes glued to the screen wanting to know more. Director Olivier Assayas managed to create a film that is so sure of itself it defies all genres, conventions, and expectations. He found a perfect balance between not caring what the audience thinks about his movie without alienating or insulting his audience with how much he doesn't care. No emotional manipulation or trying to cater to/please the widest possible audience here, which is so very refreshing. This is what he has to say. Take it or leave it. Love it or hate it. So, while it is not the best movie I have ever seen and has it's flaws, I am still giving it a very high rating for daring to be different. On a side note, taste in movies is extremely subjective, so I can understand and respect the reasons why other reviewers gave this movie such low ratings. However, I do not agree with the common practice of putting down other reviewers/calling them idiots for having different opinions. In a perfect world, I wish we could all just agree to disagree without being hateful/hurtful. Peace.

Reviewed by Alexander Klein 9 / 10

My Kind of Ghost Story

Personal Shopper is both a ghost story with bits of horror, and a mystery movie in the world of high fashion. From the same director who directed Clouds of Sils Maria, which won Kristen Stewart her coveted César award (the French equivalent of an Oscar) for best supporting actress, comes a movie about Kristen Stewart, a medium who lives in France as a personal shopper for a famous model. She is living in Paris because her brother recently died there and she is trying to communicate with him. Both supernatural and psychological, this movie, surprisingly, had me at the edge of my seat.

Kristin Stewart was a standout in this film. As much as I don't like her, she is continuing to grow on me every time I see her in something that isn't Twilight. Most of the movie is of her just alone and that is the sense that is given to you. She is alone in Paris trying to deal with the grief and loss of her brother all the while working for a woman she does not like at all. The script is perfect for Kristen and some of her strange acting like being jittery or aloof is perfect for this role as a skeptical medium.

There was not a lot of sound used in the film when it comes to a score but when the music plays it really enhances the film. There are also a lot of fade out scenes that is not something you often see but enhanced the mystery of the movie as it seemed like a lot of questions were going unanswered. There is also a lot of texting in the movie between Kristen and an unknown person who at the end of the film will have you wondering who exactly it was. This was brilliant in many regards to show how alone she was and also how much of communication is done over text these days.

What I really enjoyed about this movie is while it was very artsy, it was not afraid to get spooky. There are some scenes with ghosts that are very horrifying but are played for the sake of the story and not at all for sight scares. There are only a few ghost scenes as well and by the end of the movie I was clamoring for more but happy that they didn't over stay their welcome.

This was a great movie and I would recommend to anyone who is a fan of Kristen Stewart or of mystery movies. It's also a good flick for supernatural fans or fans of mediums, art, and Paris.

Reviewed by Miracles Happen 7 / 10

A Psychological Movie

I have to admit that Kristen Stewart's performance makes up 80% of the entire movie. She actually manages to transfer feelings to others without even needing to open her mouth. The plot is unusual and interesting, the atmosphere tastes exactly like Europe. Overall, a good movie!

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