Personal Shopper


Action / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 55%
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Kristen Stewart as Maureen Cartwright
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Stephen Bird 1 / 10

Burns so slow it goes out with a puff of smoke

Sometimes a film will be described as a slow burner, but the fact is "Personal Shopper" burns so slow that it simply goes out with a puff of smoke. Profoundly boring, I could barely understand the story the film was trying to tell; even now I'm struggling to put the pieces together.

About a young woman in Paris who is severely dented by the loss of her brother, and refuses to leave the city until she manages to contact the spirit of her brother and gets what I can only describe as answers.

Kristen Stewart is an actress I always thought lacked any real charisma or talent, this is illustrated perfectly with her performance in Personal Shopper, what was she trying to achieve and where on earth was her heart and the passion for the role she was playing?

It dares to be different and drastically fails at doing so, another so called B movie that fails to do anything but disappoint; I found it so difficult to sit through that my mind switched off mid way through and what happened in the second part of the film is all a blur unfortunately.

Reviewed by Mike Hurst 2 / 10

Tedious non-event

An astonishingly tedious movie that you continue to watch in the vain hope that Kristen Stewart's character (Maureen, no seriously, Maureen!), who resembles more a street junkie than an angst-ridden bereaved sister, washes her hair. Laughable special effects (hovering cups, things that go bump in the night etc etc) are coupled with the preposterous suggestion that somebody has chosen to employ and trust the incredibly surly, heroin-chic Maureen to purchase clothes, bags and jewelry suitable for a high-flyer. Occasionally Maureen takes her top off (which even as a red-blooded male seemed to me to be exploitative), tries the clothes on (after being told not to) and does some more exploitative solo-girl action on a bed. In between all this Maureen tries to contact her dead brother because she is a medium (possibly revised down to a small after seeing her topless). Eventually it all ends ambiguously. The 'arty' set love this film. Only because, and presumably that is why Ms Stewart agrees to take her clothes off, they collectively believe that if a film has a French director it must be dark, atmospheric and stylish rather than what it actually is: Pretentious, soulless and meaningless.

Reviewed by proud_luddite 5 / 10

Rather disappointing

Maureen (Kristen Stewart) is an American living in Paris whose job is to buy clothes for a wealthy supermodel. Maureen's twin brother has recently died and she attempts to connect with his spirit in the large house on the outskirts of Paris where he lived before his death.

Stewart's natural talent and presence are a great aid to this film. She's at her best during a scene involving a police interrogation. But too much of the film focuses only on Maureen when she is alone. This includes an unbearably long sequence that involved her exchanging text messages with a mysterious stranger. Stewart's talents can alleviate this movie's flaws but only up to a point.

The movie also suffers from having too many sub-stories none of which seem to meet their potential. The "ghost story" has some mysterious moments but ends with too much unresolved mystery. The narrative involving Maureen's relationship with her mostly absent boss (Nora von Waldstatten) could have benefited the movie overall with more time and exploration. The boss shows up in one scene which is almost comical. She is an obsessive egomaniac who multi-tasks while bullying someone on a conference call as she is trying to save gorillas. The final narrative involves a murder mystery whose impact seems to disappear once the mystery is solved.

Considering the film's unearned acclaim - plus the fact that it was made by the talented creator (Olivier Assayas) of such great films as "Irma Vep", "Summer Hours" and "Carlos", this movie is sadly disappointing.

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