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Patricia Arquette as Jeanne Dickson
Rainn Wilson as Jim Dickson
Jane McNeill as Tommie Jo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fatref350 10 / 10

I'm 14 all over again!

Arquette's hilarious performance leads a cast of unknowns (except Wilson) through 1982, small-town Virginia. The writing is spot on and the characters (many local, untrained actors) are as believable as can be. Nena Daniels, a local, steals every scene she's in. This is not a typical 80s, Hollywood, high school angst movie. There is nothing Hollywood about it and school life is only half the story. The other half is family - your family - no matter how quirky, weird or embarrassing they may be. If you went to middle school or high school during this period - like me - absolutely everything in this film will strike a chord. You will watch it and say, "I knew a kid like that! I had a teacher like that! My parents, my weird neighbor, our kitchen, my school, those eye glasses, those outfits, those horrible hairdos, the local beauty college, the goofy townspeople - I remember that stuff!" *****10 stars for 90 minutes of quirky fun and memories (and 3 minutes of School House Rocks!)*****

Reviewed by tiarenee-13911 10 / 10

Lots of Laughs and Great

I saw this movie at the Virginia Film Festival and absolutely loved it. I normally don't go watch a lot of comedies because I tend to think many of them are just too silly and unbelievable but this movie made me (and everyone else in the theater) laugh a lot. Rainn Wilson did an outstanding performance as the father as did Patricia Arquette as the mother. This movie brought back so many memories of life in the early eighties when things were much simpler and was full of laughs while still being totally believable. There was so much attention to detail I felt like I had been transported back in time. It was great seeing the awful clothes we wore, the tacky, awful household decor and the BAD HAIR! The movie kept moving and kept me constantly entertained. Permanent would make a great TV series. If it comes out in theaters in my area I will probably go see it again. It doesn't disappoint.

Reviewed by kitkhaos 9 / 10

cute family movie laughed many times

I had the pleasure of seeing this movie at the VA film festival and was so pleasantly surprised at how funny, light heart-ed, and family friendly (13 and up) it was. I understand why more females are rating this movie higher, because I could not see my husband and his buddies relating to it. (no guns,explosions or man man stuff) But if you want to see a smart,feel good, laugh out loud, and have a good time movie this is it. I laughed so much, I totally had, that hair at that age. I am going with my two daughters to see Permanent when opens in LA, I think it is going to be a great fun girls night out. I love Patricia Arquette in this movie and Rainn Wilson completely broke out of his "Dwight role" I can not believe he was funnier than expected. Kira McLean was such a great little actress, really funny and held her own with such large names working on this film, I look forward to seeing more from her.

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