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Patricia Arquette as Jeanne Dickson
Rainn Wilson as Jim Dickson
Jane McNeill as Tommie Jo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by onaona-74151 10 / 10

quirky, fresh comedy with depth

This is the type of film that may fly under the radar, but with the right distribution and support, could be a breakout hit. Looking at a summary of the plot, may be easy to dismiss as "teenage girl coming of age story" or "teen comedy with a heart" and thus not get the attention it deserves. But it is in fact a very closely observed, detailed and fresh examination of a family using the idea of hair styles and how they shape a person's public persona and inner self-esteem. The film is filled with unexpected twists and created a nuanced, at times hysterical, portrait of a small southern town. Fantastic performances. Though very funny, there is also a poignancy to it which never becomes sentimental or easy. Really hope this finds a mass audience, for if it does, it will be a hit.

Reviewed by Khun Kru Mark 1 / 10

Permanent simply doesn't wash!

Permanent simply doesn't wash!

When all 13 reviews for a movie are filled with gushing praise and the maximum stars allowed, you know you're in for a movie treat, right?

Or... you know that a couple of enthusiastic members of the film crew have rounded up a few accounts on IMDb to boost a movie's profile!

Every review for this painful movie on is written in a similar style, lavishing praise on how the film made the 'film go-er' feel. Not one review takes a step back to inform the reader why or what actually happened to make them (er, him or her) feel that way!

Even the usernames of these 'reviewers' are obviously the imagination of one person... alarue-47744 - onaona-74151 - tiarenee-13911!. Seriously? You can't even be bothered to come up with convincing usernames?)

OK, so let's talk about the film itself and here's an honest review from someone who has written about 200 of them for this website...

A girl is teased at school because of her hair. Her ridiculous father wears a toupe and her equally asinine fool of a mother likes dolphins. Her school teacher is having a baby. The entire stretch of their personalities and actions revolve around this premise.

The film isn't funny... it's not witty... it's not interesting and it's not worth your time. The entire runtime is about nothing except a girl's bad haircut, a silly father and his wig and an insane, frustrated woman who likes sea mammals.

It's a badly scripted collage of unconnected scenes that excels in bland, empty, pointless and embarrassingly awful moments where nothing happens. This film isn't even interesting enough to be annoying! THAT'S how irrelevant it is.

Kira McLean is the only thing of value here. The actor looks to have a future if she can come through this excruciating bomb without being de-listed for offenses against entertainment. If her agent thought that this was a good move for her, she needs serious changes in her management.

An utter fail from the opening scene to the ten-minute end credits.

Reviewed by billkexel-56544 1 / 10

Stupid movie Dwight Schrute with a wig.

I can see why this clunker only grossed a total of $12,000. It was that bad. I had high hopes for it based on Patricia Arquette & Rainn Wilson, but the little girl turned out to be the best actor in this one.

I also learned why Rainn Wilson has not gone onto the success that his fellow cast mates from "The Office" has, he can only play Dwight Schrutte. This movie was Dwight with a bad wig, as a father in a stupid badly written story.

As far as the story, I don't get why the father needed to learn how to swim, to attend medical school (or receive a scholarship) or whatever the heck that was all about? The entire feel of it tries to recapture that "Napoleon Dynamite" feel, but it's not the same.

...and what is with the disco ball in the movie poster? It's supposed to be 1982, not 1978.

I want my 93 minutes back.

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