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Lucas Bryant as Sean / Keenan Blake
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by g404c 9 / 10

well written thriller

Perfect Plan is a well written thriller about a real estate agent, Lauren Baker (played by Emily Rose), who scores a superb listing from a wealthy brother and sister (Lucas Bryant, Cristina Rosato) in an upscale Chicago neighborhood. Lauren expects to earn a huge commission, and the transaction goes off without a hitch. The next morning, she reads the newspaper and is jolted by what she learns. I'll leave it at that because I do not want to give anything away.

This is a slick mystery/thriller that occasionally has a subtle neo-noir feel. All of the actors play it nicely and it was worth my time. Perfect Plan premiered on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) last night.

Reviewed by LtlHippo 1 / 10

Just horrible-spoilers

There were so many dumb characters and moves in this movie. The woman sees Rebecca in the Chinese diner and instead of calling the cops, she chases her down in her car. Then almost dies in an accident. This happened a few times when the cops should have been called. Then the guy found the pool hose in the garage where the grounds keeper died. I can't believe the cops didn't wonder where it came from. They considered it a suicide with hardly an investigation. These women seemed intelligent but made moves that were so darn stupid. Don't they use certified funds these days when closing on real estate deals? At times, I thought I was watching a parody of all the other "dumb women" movies.

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