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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

plenty of cheese

Adam Lawrence (John Travolta) is a relentless, cynical Rolling Stone reporter from New York. He is in Los Angeles to track down an elusive interview. He has a second idea to write about fitness clubs as the new singles bars. He tries to interview instructor Jessie Wilson (Jamie Lee Curtis) known as the "aerobics pied piper" at The Sport Connection. She refuses due to a previous reporter who wrote that she had an affair with her swim coach. He interviews customers like Sally (Marilu Henner) and Linda (Laraine Newman) who is described by another as "the most used piece of equipment in the gym". He is being pressured to testify about his other interview and hand over his notes. When Adam hands in a sincere story about health clubs, the editor rewrites it as a take down piece digging up the old story about Jessie.

This movie is hopelessly dated. It was probably dated and cheesy even at the time of its release. The aerobics scenes are too extended. They feel like cheesy music videos. I actually don't mind the story. Travolta and Curtis are fine actors. The movie is sincere in the writing. However, it can never truly escape the cheese factor.

Reviewed by leplatypus 4 / 10

Not really (rental)

This movie isn't really a stinker but i get bored very quickly : first, I have never liked Travolta as an actor and this movie doesn't change my opinion. Next, the story lacks focus and pace: Travolta writes 2 stories at the same time, it's a news movie, a love movie, nearly a judicial movie and maybe a comedy… It's really too much for a poor actor like Travolta and the aerobic study isn't really interesting : sure it says it's a bit silly as ordinary people doesn't really need to train like professionals but the members are too crazy… What's left is a good Jamie Lee who really gave all her sweat for this part, the feel of the 80s with the first computer and really great cars and fashion…

Reviewed by MissRebecca Fopheca 10 / 10

A fun walk down memory lane

I have a BS in Merchandising and a love of fashion history, so this movie hits it home for me. As a kid of the 80s, I saw this on HBO/Cinemax probably 15 times. I was just hitting puberty when it came out and I wanted to jump inside that movie and live it. Jamie Lee looks phenomenal (would love to know her training and diet program pre-production) and Marilu is just adorable as the very sweet Sally- there's usually one Sally in every group of gals. I recall step aerobics being huge at that time and Jazzercise but this is very dancy- like the off Broadway production of HipThrust! The Musical. Frankly the aerobics they show is injury-inducing and I really feel for their hip flexors after all that thrusting during production. Back to the movie, I really would love to see more of this club and the background characters. In the opening sequences of the club introduction, there are several racquetball courts, a café area, food and pro shop. The health club in my hometown looked *just* like this, so much so, I think they modeled their club after this movie.

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