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Leon Isaac Kennedy as Martel 'Too Sweet' Gordone
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Joseph P. Ulibas 8 / 10

The Penitentiary Trilogy: Penitentiary

Penitentiary (1979) follows the life of Too Sweet, a young man who's life is has taken a very wrong turn. A very tragic and unlucky event lands the dude in prison. Looking at a long stretch in the jug, Too Sweet looks for any opportunity to get out of the joint. Finally a big break comes along, boxing. But like all good guys, he makes a very nasty enemy in the guise of Half Dead, a cruel sadistic inmate who doesn't take a liking to our young hero. How did Too Sweet get in Prison? Can Too Sweet fight is way out of prison? Why does Half Dead want Too Sweet's head? Who in the hell is Peaches? All your questions will be answered when you watch Penitentiary!

Highly recommended for fans of low budget films.

Reviewed by El Fang 10 / 10

Blaxploitation worth 100 lame contemp. Hollywood "action" films!

Lowlife scum's, trashola conns and pscyhotronics check this one out! A masterpiece of exploitation, PENITENTIARY(1979) is especially worth watching because of it's strange, neo-realism. Often I enjoyed watching wall-hangings or shoes for it's 70s appeal as much as the foreground action! An almost all-unknown cast (that also contributes a lot to the movie's appeal), realistic 1970s African American dialog and backgrounds, realistic and mind-bending scenes of perverse violence and huge doses of humor make this a blast in every department. Very realistic scenes of prison -- including sexual -- life, and the knowledge that this was NOT written by some Hollywood screenwriter (and same-schmuk's idea of "what prison must be like"), along with the near-documentary feel make this a must-see. I've seen 100s so-called Hollywood "action" films in the last few years, most of which I remember nothing about ("Was that the one with Stallone or Bruce Willis?"), and each of which cost 100s of times as much as the unforgettable PENITENTIARY! Note: Don't miss PEN 2 (the debut of Mr. T., and a Rudy Ray Moore cameo, no less); and PEN 3, which many believe to be the best of the three. But, the first will always be may favorite. Oh yeah -- the PLOT involves boxing matches in a corrupt ('natch) prison, but thankfully rarely gets in the way of the fun and action!

Reviewed by kirk-lockhart-1 10 / 10

I cannot give this Black-cult classic a standard review?

When this movie premiered in 1979 it was a sellout at our local $1 Theater in Dallas called the Texas (where Lee Harvey Oswald was caught).It played their several weeks and also at another local Hangout called the Aquarius. I am not sure why it was so popular,but I think it was because it was the Rawest,grittiest,downright Adult movie to deal with the consequences of committing a crime against others. This is a GRindHouse Original.Weak story line,but common. Poor cinematography ,but effective. Prison is not pleasant and this film was not pleasant. Ultra violent ,yet comical...? Love scenes in the Men's room are borderline Porn...I saw the premiere with my grandparents! And oh get anally raped in Prison (see Boondocks episode) This movie was so...So Baad ...that we Loved it. Ps...I have not seen this movie in 22years. So my opinion could change if I see it again...!

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