Pelé: Birth of a Legend


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Diego Boneta as Jose
Colm Meaney as George Raynor

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Reviewed by Prismark10 5 / 10

The Ginga Game

Pele was a great footballer, he won three World Cup with a Brazil that played an exciting and extravagant form of football known as Ginga.

This films charts what to me is a fictionalised account of his boyhood days playing football in the poor area of São Paulo that seems to be cliched to the extreme. Being made fun off by the white kids for playing football with his bare feet. Then later on being criticised for his flamboyant style of football.

The film comes to life as see the rise of Pele in the 1958 World Cup in Sweden where he played at the age of 17 and still remains the youngest player to score at a World Cup final.

It is a rather superficial film, it only concentrates on Pele up to his first World Cup win. The young actor playing Pele shows great football skill. Some of the recreations are well done and the great man himself makes a little cameo experience.

Reviewed by Artur Machado 5 / 10

Only a small portion of Pelé's great story

Pele's rise from the slums of São Paulo to Brazil's first World Championship conquest at the age of seventeen is portrayed in this biographical drama.

The story of Pelé goes much beyond his 17 years and the formidable conquest of Brazil's first World Cup. While the film serves to get a sense of how the slum's kid became an instant legend, it's only a small portion of his great story. One decision that I consider terrifyingly unfortunate is that although the actors are mostly Brazilian, the language used is English, which removes part of the realism and authenticity of the film and almost seems to have been 'dubbed' in a really bad way: it becomes very distracting and certainly downgrades the acting! The dialogues are very bad especially in the first half of the film and surely the writers used some 'historical freedom' for cinematic effect. A very positive point is the cinematography full of vivid colors. On the other hand would have preferred a less Hollywoodian style and a more traditional one, but taking into account the target audience I understand that decision. Good as entertainment and even an inspirational film, but I do not know to what extent it is a totally reliable biography, even with Pelé himself among the producers - always keep in mind the cinema industry' shenanigans regarding 'historical accounts'.

I know it's not a documentary and it's just a movie serving well its purpose for entertainment, but it's also far from being the ultimate videobiography, at least for me. So, while I consider this movie to have many problems and truly feel like rating it 4/10, as a fan of 'the most beautiful game in the world' and due to its inspirational tone I'll give it a pass and score it 5/10. - pun intended ;)

Reviewed by nicholls_les 10 / 10

Wonderful film not just for Football fans

This is a truly wonderful film that all the family can watch. Kevin de Paula is excellent as Pele and all the supporting cast were just brilliant. the early parts of the movie were very entertaining and showed Pele's early life with his friends and the antics they got up to. There are some truly funny moments and also some sadness. The actors who played members of the Brazilian football team were first class and looked like they could genuinely play, but Kevin de Paula's skills were outstanding and it was like looking at the real Pele.

Over all a wonderful movie about a man for whom the word legend really does apply.

Loved this movie so much and I am sure I will watch it many times.

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