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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Flow 4 / 10

Zombie Strippers FTW!

Ok, I see this movie attracted a lot of sympathy and I get that. It had some good usage of dark humor, an OK plot, good character development, overall the people involved in the making of this movie did their job right.

Of course it is a low budget horror, so don't expect a masterpiece, it's a zombie movie with some comedy elements blended in, plenty of nudity I'd say, typical deaths on screen and an unexpected ending. In a good way too.

If you dig it, you should definitely try Zombie Strippers, the original stripper zombies, with more dark humor, more blood, nudity and famous actors even porn actresses! That's right! So all in all, if you're fan of the type this one is pretty OK by my standards. Not the biggest admirer out there, so I'll only recommend it for people that know what they're going in!


Reviewed by jasonclarkevfx 2 / 10

you'll root for the zombies.

This movie is bad. all the way through. Not that kind of bad where you have a bit of campy fun with a movie that doesn't take itself too seriously, but eye rolling bad from the first scene until the credits roll. It's as though someone saw 'zombie strippers' and thought it was the Citizen Kane of zombie movies, and decided to remake it, but worse. much worse. Where it tries to be funny, it's sad, and where it tries to be horrific, it's laughable. The plot seems to be oddly convinced that it's engaged the viewer to the plight of the characters, and we're at the edge of our seat, but nothing could be further from the truth. Scenes mash together, while 'shocking reveals' are injected in a vain attempt to make the viewer care about something, one after another. I've rated this movie 2/10, and not 1, because the cameraman seems to be able to have been able to stay awake during shooting. bravo. i don't know how you did it.

Reviewed by tobiasgandner 7 / 10

Campy Action Horror

Okay, if you like campy action horror films this is for you. If you're looking for "scare your pants off horror", this is not. But, I'm sure you know that going in considering the subject matter. Yet, get this... there's actually somewhat of a story here and what's even better, there's things that pay off in the story. I saw this through redbox and I'm glad I did. There's also a good amount of behind the scenes stuff of the DVD too. Overall - 7/10.

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