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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paulcky-540-642216 8 / 10

Good performances almost fell into a plot hole.

"Payday" features some fine performances, especially by Tory Beckham and Sandra Holliger. As with most low-budget indie films, there are issues with sound and lighting, but not enough that it detracts from the story, which is compelling and well told, overall. The biggest problem I had with the film is a rather large plot hole. Hopefully, my explanation will not function as a spoiler. At the beginning ,Ben, the lone robber, takes over a small diner, takes hostages at gunpoint, then forces the manager to get him the money from the safe, which is in the office. While Ben and the manager are retrieving the cash, NONE of the hostages make a break for it. There are several occasions later in the film where Ben is likewise too far from the diner patrons to prevent them from just leaving.Other than this flaw, the film is enjoyable, and cast and crew alike are to be commended.

Reviewed by kentschmidt-41935 5 / 10

Know what you're getting into first

Before starting the film, I knew it was low budget and independent. The story was more or less what we've seen before, but with the director's own twist to it. No complaints there. The acting, for the most part, was average to above average. Besides some scenes, no complaints there. My complaints are with the camera. I think the compositions were great in most scenes, but the camera was very inconsistent and could tell each time a different camera was used. The use of colors, the sound, and again, the cinematography was fine. All in all, it is independent and there is entertainment found in it. I enjoyed it for what it was

Reviewed by uthusantuhan 8 / 10

A Rare beauty

First I thought all the movie crew and director was on drugs when making this movie.

But it turns out this is a genius movie.

A must watch!

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