Pawn Shop Chronicles


Action / Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 13%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 9658


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Norman Reedus as Stanley
DJ Qualls as JJ
Brendan Fraser as Ricky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deickos 8 / 10

this is really good

At first it was like a film using Tarantino vocabulary. Or you could just say it was pretty messy in all three stories... But the end, that was worth watching: all of a sudden everything makes sense - each one of these crazy stories finds its place for the final American show. Like somebody said "in this completely crazy lottery ticket-magic 8 ball-total fluke economy that is America, telling jokes pays well". I am not sure most people will appreciate Mr. Minarovich's brilliant work.

Reviewed by TonyMontana96 1 / 10

An awful, unoriginal Pulp Fiction knock-off.

The latest, trashy Knock-off of Tarantino's brilliant Pulp Fiction, is this sorry excuse for a film that has many stories, each lacking depth, coherence and quality. The first story is about three junkies, one is played by Paul Walker who gives the worst performance of his career, with an unintentionally hilarious character who talks a loud of nonsense and possesses and indecipherable accent, these druggies do nothing but yell at each other and come up with a half assed plan to rob their own drug dealer who has the goods, one of the druggies wears a clown mask because he forgot his ski mask and it's never thought through as the scene play's out like an amateur's first night out, and it's pathetic.

The second story follows Matt Dillion as a recently married douche, who has just been duped by a stranger on the drive to his honeymoon, he stumbles into the pawn shop nearby owned by Alton (Vincent D'Onorfrio) who agrees to a quick deal involving a "look after this ring" till I pay you back type of deal; however Dillion spot's his first wife's ring there, she went missing 6 years ago, so he decides to ask him questions, the answers lead him to leave his new wife stranded and pursue his first wife who could be dead, or in the Caribbean for all he knows, his character is an assh**e, which is proved by the way he leaves his wife by the pawn shop.

His story leads him to Elijah Wood's house where he is found jerking off watching his own porno's, now there's a terrible secret and it's cruel and very sexist, where women are locked in cages as sought of sex slaves, this is unacceptable and what's worse is what happens to Dillion at the end of this sequence, sure he was a jerk but he was just trying to help his wife who was found in one of the cages, a major plot hole is also noticeable where you hear screams from Elijah Wood's character who allegedly gets brutally killed by Dillon, and yet he is seen later on in the picture feeling fine. The writers have made this thing void of sense.

The final story is about Brendan Fraser who play's an Elvis Impersonator and he look nothing like Elvis, the hair is completely wrong and his mannerisms are all of with the exception of one song he does towards the end of the picture, but all in all his story is pointless much like the other two and is just as ridiculous and awful as the other two. The film end's with nothing worth remembering with a terribly conceived plot twist involving a midget, I mean come on, are they out of inventive ideas or what. Hustler's is terribly written, laughably acted and horrible within its storytelling, it's just an awful piece of unoriginal garbage.

Reviewed by Rob Wright 5 / 10

Thrown Together, Nonsensical and Pointless

Poor film that felt lost and thrown together with no real entertainment or enjoyment in sight. The whole film from around the 20 minute mark felt like a story that had no destination or purpose and by the end it was a shambles of tattered film roll they should have thrown away.

Paul Walker and the storyline his character was involved in was the only thing stopping this from being a 4/10, as the first 20-30 minutes were reasonably watchable, However it got extremely off track and it all felt a bit like you were the meth head having the bad hallucination.

The Elvis plot line was horrific and nonsensical, The women slaves and husband was average at best, and the ending was the most unbelievable piece of crap you will witness. I personally could have wrote a better ending in about two minutes.

The film wasn't boring but more moronic and stupid and even the outtakes at the end which are always a welcomed addition couldn't stop this from being a one time forgettable film that you wasted 2 hours watching.

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