Pawn Sacrifice


Action / Biography / Drama / Sport / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 70%
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Robin Weigert as Regina Fischer
Liev Schreiber as Boris Spassky
Peter Sarsgaard as Father Bill Lombardy
Tobey Maguire as Bobby Fischer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Thanos Karagioras 6 / 10

Expected more from this movie...

"Pawn Sacrifice" is a drama movie based on the life of chess prodigy Bobby Fischer who during Cold War tries to win and become the number one chess player in the world (World Chess Champion). In his journey faces many difficulties not only from the Soviet Unions players but also from his owns demons.

I have to say that I expected more from this movie because I am always fascinated from biography movies.Despite the good directing made by Edward Zwick, Tobey Maguire makes a poor performance as Bobby Fischer. I liked the interpretations of Liev Schreiber who plays as Boris Spassky and he is very good at it, Peter Sarsgaard who plays as Father Bill Lombardy and Michael Stuhlbarg who plays as Paul Marshall. I believe that these three interpretations saved this movie and I cannot even imagine what would have happened if they wouldn't be there.

Finally I believe that "Pawn Sacrifice" is a medium movie, don't have high expectations and you won't be disappointed. It's just a simple movie for your spare time and nothing more.

Reviewed by chas437 1 / 10

Sanitized History, Plain and Simple

I suppose this is a nice story and the cast is top notch, but the film bares little resemblance to actual people and events. But what is unforgivable, the film gets Bobby Fischer completely wrong, and in doing so, attempts to sanitize the man's legacy.

Tobey McGuire is a talented actor, but this was a terrible casting choice. His mannerisms, speaking style and physical appearance are way, way off. The real Fischer was a tall, dark, brooding, anti-social figure. His ugliness on the inside manifested itself in his outward appearance. Tobey McGuire is simply too likeable to play such a role. He tries really hard, but its just not believable.

I'm old enough to remember the World Championship match in Iceland in 1972. It captivated the world and made chess popular in the mainstream. Fischer's victory gave America a much needed morale boost during the depths of the Cold War.

So, while it was a triumphant moment for America, it was the beginning of a long, painful descent into madness and infamy for Bobby Fischer. The film portrays Fischer as a somewhat lovable eccentric with a paranoid personality. In reality, Fischer was almost certainly somewhere high on the Autistic spectrum. He had other serious mental disorders as well. None of this was clinically diagnosed, but was evident in his actions over the years. He was a loner who treated people very badly. He died penniless, friendless, as an international criminal. His was not a life to be celebrated.

A much better film on the subject is the 2011 documentary "Bobby Fischer Against the World". Even the early-90s film "Searching for Bobby Fischer" tells us more about the man, and the phenomenon than "Pawn Sacrifice" does.

"Pawn Sacrifice" is really a big waste of time and resources. The producers badly missed the mark here. The one bright spot is Liev Schreiber who is a perfect Boris Spassky. Frankly, they should have just made a film about Spassky with Schreiber in the lead. Schreiber is one of our very best actors.

What is most troubling about this film, as well as many films these days, its attempting to revise history in a way that is most palatable to the masses. This film really misses the point of Bobby Fischer's' life.

Reviewed by wrightiswright 7 / 10

It's not always black and white (lol)

What use is winning, if it costs one man his mental health?" I'm sure this phrase or one like it was coined for the sake of this movie. It features Toby McGuire as real life Chess Champion Bobby Fischer, who was once the greatest player in the world but sadly let the pressure of the game and the attention bestowed upon him slowly drive him to the brink of insanity. He's not the only one though: as we see from the irrational behaviour of his Russian Grandmaster final opponent later on, the rigours of such a complicated strategic game can affect anyone, if they let it take over their existence to the extent as shown here.

You don't have to appreciate the finer points of chess to derive enjoyment from Pawn Sacrifice. It would probably help, but the themes of Cold War anxiety and obsessively having to be 'the best' are more universal, and should make it appeal to a larger crowd. McGuire proves he can be so much more than just a webslinger, and we feel every inch of his paranoia as the film goes on: his character shuts himself off from the world, always thinks he's being watched, refuses to eat food unless it's prepared in front of him... one of the earliest 'conspiracy theorists', perhaps?

Anyone familiar with the real-life story knows that this movie can't have a happy ending, as the final text during the episode so bluntly demonstrates. All the cheering from Fischer's family and adoring crowds won't change a thing to what occurred after his triumph, and we're left with the stark question: was it all worth it?

In this viewers opinion, no. 7/10

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