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Marton Csokas as Lieutenant Barnes
Nikki Reed as Amanda
Ray Liotta as Man in the Suit
Stephen Lang as Charlie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Daman-Malone 3 / 10

Plot was good, accent was just plain bad

The plot for this film and what it was being sold on was actually a pretty good concept, not overly original but good. This movie reminds me of a severe burn on your arm or leg, the burn hurts like hell but it gives you a good story to tell your mates. The acting by some really good and in my view 1st/2nd grade actors will not let you down however let me outlay a few points on Michael Chiklis. It is hard to get into a movie if its a found footage style movie if you suffer with motion sickness or sensitive to joggy camera work, just like that, it is hard to actually get fully into this movie as a lead character Michael Chiklis does a terrible cockney accent. Now I'm not going to say it was the worse example of an actor trying to do an accent because after hearing Jason Statham trying to do an American accent I think we're even. But it didn't help the fact that (IF) Chiklis was sticking strictly to script then it wasn't accurate in the way we talk. A younger bloke would never say to an older bloke "son" just wouldn't happen. Michael Chiklis almost gets run over at the start of the movie where he says "Look where your going you bloody cow" yet a few minutes later he calls Stephen Langs character "cunt" in a realist environment a cockney would have called the bird a "cunt" and we don't say things like take your legs off at the knee, we would say "kneecapping". I'm disappointed because they actually had a Brit on set Max Beesley who I'm sure over his travels have interacted with many cockney's. Over all it is hard to get pass the bad accent but worth a watch non the less.

Reviewed by NateWatchesCoolMovies 4 / 10

Bland as cardboard

Pawn is another gift from the assembly line of slightly muddled second tier crime dramas, cobbled together with elements of greats from yesteryear, and barely held together at the seam by acting titans who have fallen on hard times chasing that almighty paycheque. That's not to say it's bad (although plenty of its breed are woeful), but simply inconsequential and forgettable. Starting off with a simple diner robbery that will inevitably spiral beyond control, we meet a band of clueless petty thieves lead by Michael Chiklis, doing his utter best with a silly cockney accent that has no reason to exist here. Little do these geniuses know, the diner they picked to lift happens to be a front for the Russian mob, setting off a chaotic chain of events that could end in all their deaths. The mob panics, and brings in everyone they can to clutter things up. Two corrupt cops show up, one inside the diner, played by Forest Whitaker, looking like he had some trouble understanding his portion of the script, and one outside, played by Marton Csokas who is underused a lot it seems. Common shows up as a hostage negotiator of all things, which made me chuckle. Stephen Lang is dangerously quiet as the restaurant owner and strong arm of the Russians. He hires a chatty Ray Liotta to hold one of the thieves wives (Nikki Reed) hostage and appear vaguely menacing until everything blows over. So we have scenes of him talking to her in cyclical metaphors interspersed with all the intrigue going down at the diner, and it all amounts to... what, exactly? Well, you'll have to take a look for yourself, but the while thing seemed rather pointless to me.

Reviewed by Floated2 7 / 10

Solid Under the Radar Crime Thriller

Pawn showcases the talents of the cast in this ensemble crime hostage thriller. The plot is a short term one but the film makes it work by analyzing every single detail, so I dare you to find a plot hole. With an over average script that contains a scene of really smart symbolism, the actors can not really mess it up. Action wise the film does not shy away, probably due to the fact of the directors background in being a cinematographer for the Saw films. The film shows a flashback to the backstory of why he was doing. Then the movie shifts and becomes a personal vendetta for Sean Faris to recover his pregnant wife from the mysterious captor, Ray Liotta, and get the hell out of the diner without dying. Throughout the movie, we never even quite know who he is, and it seems a bit random. Although the film does because quite clear towards the end, as it is an entertaining watch.

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