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Seth Rogen as Paul
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rich3w 8 / 10

Great fun with a knowing script

Clever, smart, very funny and well made in all departments.

Two comic book geeks on a road trip around America which, at face value, for many people won't sound appealing.

However, a very comical, knowing and clever script coupled with great performances and direction all pull together to create a a rather special road movie and a real treat.

Another gem of writing from Simon Pegg & Nick Frost, possibly their most consistent in humorous terms. It definitely doesn't hold back satirising people that base their world's beliefs on fanciful fairy stories rather than relevant scientific facts. Congratulations to them for getting it so well integrated into the movie.

Great for fans of well made FUN movies and especially science fiction fans.

Reviewed by huggibear 6 / 10

Funny and lighthearted Sci-Fi flick!

A little corny, but whatever! I enjoyed it! I'd also watch a sequel of this, as long as it continued to be lighthearted and funny. I watched this on the Sci-Fi channel and they had to bleep out the swearing, but you can figure out so easily just what they said. That was the only issue I had. Otherwise, it's a solid 6.5 stars from me!

Reviewed by studioAT 2 / 10

Average by Pegg/Frost's standards

The second you see Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's names attached to this film you know what you are getting. A film very very similar to 'Hot Fuzz'/'Shaun of the Dead' etc. Only with a more sci-fi twist.

And I enjoyed those films, perhaps not overly, but they were passable enough films, buoyed mostly by the warm presence of the two leads.

This one is not a part of the 'Corneto Trilogy' and actually that's a good thing, because it's not to be held in the same esteem as those films.

It's funny yes, charming enough, but lacking that extra oomph that turns a good film into a great one.

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