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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10

A star is born

Love films centred around music. Being someone who grew up with music being a huge part of my life, who sings and who graduated last year with a degree in Vocal and Operatic Studies, so considers music very important and that it wasn't appreciated enough or sadly not cool to like as a subject in my school years.

Am not a big fan of rap, with a few exceptions, often finding it simplistic, repetitive and preachy, but have a high appreciation, if not quite love, for blues. So wasn't sure how good 'Patti Cake$' would be, despite it being positively received, but there are good music-following your dreams films out there and there was the hope that 'Patti Cake$' would be one of them. Seeing it, it was. Not as amazing as the best reviews have said it is, but for its flaws there is a lot to like here and it was quite the pleasant surprise.

Sure, 'Patti Cake$', being a film that treads familiar ground, is very predictable with not much new and characters that fall into cliché territory. The looking up to the rap god subplot is contrived and underdeveloped, feeling like filler. Agree too that the script has its clunky moments.

However, there are good things. The budget is not a huge one and 'Patti Cake$' is not a grand in spectacle film, nor does it need to be. It's hardly a cheap-looking film and is shot well. The music is catchy and tune, yes even the rap despite some simplistic lyric writing.

Most of the writing has humour that's a mix of gentle and witty, a warm heart and heartfelt poignancy. For its clichés and predictability and one subplot that falls flat, the story has freshness too and told in a way that has vibrancy and heart, with a lot of energy and creative spark, the very definition of feel good, it's very sweet, heart-warming and uplifting and the underdog/following your dreams story as a result just about works.

Geremy Jasper keeps things moving beautifully, with great direction of his actors and the drama and great, near-seamless synchronisation of visuals, staging and music. The characters, despite being clichés, are both fun and not hard to like, with the lead character being proof that one doesn't need to look like a supermodel to be an inspirational role model. In no way is that meant to cause offence, actually think lowly of people who think it's alright to make shallow comments about people's looks.

The cast do a great job, with Bridget Everett, Siddharth Dhananjay and Mamoudou Athie providing zesty support and Cathy Moriaty registering strongly too. Best of all, the backbone of the film and the best thing about it, is Danielle MacDonald, a brilliant star-making turn and she deserves to be a big star after this.

All in all, a very nice film that made me feel good, regardless of not completely loving it. Am aware that this review is going to be very unpopular, despite being a subjective person that the very eruditely written and in my mind honest positive reviews have so many negative useful votes is a surprise to me. 7/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by kz917-1 7 / 10

Killa P slays! PBNJ is a delight!

What to say about this movie.

Reality sure does bite in NJ.

Patti is trying to do it all help care for her Nana and look after her mother.

The fact that they put her Nana up to singing the hook was fantastic!

Many laughable but gritty moments throughout the entire film.

If explicit language won't bother you the film is worth a watch.

It is amazing that the lead actress took two years before filming to hone her rapping skills!

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 8 / 10

Rap music!!! It's a piece of cake for Patti Cakes!!!

This is the new word they are referring for such film, the underdog. I watch lots of film other than mainstream, like indie, B, foreign. And I won't always end up a smile in my face. Most of them would be decent, only a very few disappoints. But it's rare that I feel very impressed. Here is the one! This is surely a find of the year. I've seen a couple of other great ones, I mean underdog films, but this one I don't know how to express what I've felt. Definitely inspiring theme, despite the setting of the tale was not appropriate for average decency of what society accepts. But there's nothing to complain about that, because such story possible in such scenario. So what matters is how beautifully it was brought onto the screen. Hats off team 'Patti Cake$'.

It has an Indian connection. That was nicely done part. Because of todays state of United States. So basically the film revolved around such characters who are victimised for several reasons. And one of it was socially backward. I meant financially. From all, Patricia Dombrowski aka Patti Cake, is trying to reach her dream with fierce competition from others in the bottom itself. She has all the backing from her close friend Jheri, and they are set to add another one called Basterd. Now these three are making their first recording. Following that, their road to unfamiliar territory sees some stumble. They have to overcome it, but would they or not is what disclosed in the finale.

-xX] You don't have a musical bone in your body, and you sure as hell can't sing. [Xx-

You can make a film if you have got a minimum financial support. Then the production quality differs, you won't get your desired cast and crew. Even if you see this film's poster, not impressive enough. But if you judge the film by its cover, then you are totally wrong. One of the least watched genre for me is music and musical. The modern musicals usually gives me a headache. So I've liked, loved many music films. This is definitely one of the top on that list. Don't listen to those with intentionally targeting it. It is a fine film, but I'm not sure it is a good for family with children viewing, due to the lyrics of the songs. But if you have all matured enough, then no need to worry, worth giving it a try.

Feature film debut for the director, and he had landed in a style. Such talent should be nourished, so somebody (the big production houses) give him a chance and he won't let you down. The cast was amazing. I don't know whether they are real rappers or has a little influence, but they all have given a wonderful performance. On the way to cult movie status. I strongly recommend it. It will give you a break from mainstream film, if you are faded-up with the same old concepts. You would end humming a track from the flick, probably PBNJ as I was. So fix your date and time for it!


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