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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
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Eliza Taylor as Nurse Panicale
Charles Dance as Doctor Roget
Rachel Griffiths as Matron Cassidy
Sharni Vinson as Kathy Jacquard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Cynthia Sarob 8 / 10

Underrated here

I haven't seen the original movie but this remake is creepy as well as entertaining.

The story about the pretty and disturbed man in a coma is well elaborated and becomes creepier the longer you watch.

The acting was convincing. This is not a low budget flick. It's not a blockbuster either but pretty decent and budget well spent I would say. There are worse movies out there. It's pretty good and fits the genre.

Bonus points for decent choice of actors, attractive Patrick and the beautiful mansion. The shots showing the building from outside are pretty enough to make a good postcard. Don't judge a book by its cover as disturbing things are going on behind these walls.

I don't see why this movie ranks so low here. It deserves eight and that's what it got from my side. The only reason for not going higher is that i keep higher ratings for outstanding or my favourites. "Patrick" was quite good.

Reviewed by Sankari_Suomi 3 / 10

Patrick is a self absorbed bastard

Largely ignored 2013 remake of the little known 1978 Australian psychological thriller!

This awkward, self-conscious homage to the original is made even worse by inconsistent acting and the clumsy overuse of not-particularly-good CGI. Walter Dance was somehow roped into a lead role (possibly via blackmail) but not even his commanding presence can mask the appalling stench of this dunger.

Shot in a controversial colour palette of teal and brown, Patrick features a Pino Donaggio score, a half-written script, Walter Dance eating a frog, and more B-grade horror tropes than you can throw a dog at.

Best line: 'You are a prissy, meddling little bitch who's wasting my precious time, and I would dearly love you to **** off!'

Worst line: 'Patrick wants his hand job!'

I rate Patrick at 9.99 on the Haglee Scale, which works out as a shocking 3/10 on IMDb.

Reviewed by ElWormo 5 / 10

ham overload

One of the hammiest newer horrors I've seen in a while, in fact the actor who plays the feebly menacing doctor/love interest 'Brian' should have a statue made out of ham just for his performance of 100% cardboard.

This movie might also deserve an award for most jump scare attempts in a horror, to the point where it seems like every time a door randomly opens/closes its accompanied by that whooshing bang sound. None of these attempts really work.

There are tons of moments in Patrick that are clearly tailored just for that woeful kind of en masse 'cinema reaction', where everyone either laughs, jumps, or goes ewwww. Worst example being some horribly crude attempts at humour in the script, plus the addition of a 'hilarious' (not) comedy character, an old guy obsessed with clocks and a lighthouse. What was he even for?

Like so many horrors, the part of the movie that's supposed to be the most exciting (the last third/climax) is actually the most boring. The opening half hour was easily more engrossing. Another problem is too much CGI. Sometimes the entire room/situation a character was in looked like it was entirely CGI. A certain car scene looked more like a video game...

And to cap it off we have Charles Dance, playing the part of Charles Dance.

Despite all this and more problems I can't be bothered to elaborate on, Patrick somehow manages to be okay (just) thanks to some snappy directing and a story that never actually drags. Overall a middling popcorn horror affair, for people that are probably more interested in their popcorn than what they're watching.

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