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Robert Helpmann as Doctor Roget
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by meathookcinema 9 / 10

An Ozploitation classic

A gorgeous slice of Ozploitation that is extremely well made, acted and written. A young man named Patrick is in a coma after killing his parents three years earlier. A new nurse named Kathie has been assigned to tend to him and they strike up a relationship through a typewriter that Patrick can telekinetically control and through the only bodily function that Patrick can control- his ability to spit (one for yes, two for no). Strange things start to happen in Kathie's life regarding the husband shes recently separated from and the doctor shes just started seeing. Could Patrick be responsible?

I love a movie in which the lead character is in a coma but strangely gives a great performance in that state. In fact all of the cast are great and if you're a fan of Australian TV then you should be able to recognise most of the actors. I recognised the actors who played Captain Barton the Salvo Army man, Evelyn Randell and Irene Zervos from Prisoner Cell Block H.

The setting of the sinister hospital wouldn't be out of place in an early Cronenberg film. The building seems to constitute another character in this film and a very foreboding one.

This is a favourite film of Quentin Tarantino, fact fans.

Reviewed by Nick Duguay 8 / 10

a pleasure

Due to the fact that it was on Netflix I happened to watch the 2013 remake of this film before this one and I'm glad I did, because at doesn't hold a candle to the original. Had I seen this one first, doubtless I would have been highly disappointed in the remake; but as it stands Patrick: Evil Awakens is a guilty pleasure and Patrick simply a pleasure. First off, the dialogue is hilarious, in a tongue-in- cheek way, especially the much lauded 'hiring scene'. It seems like something straight out of a John Waters film. The cinematography and sets are surprisingly decent for an Australian horror film and the hospital is in a gorgeous little mansion, the interior is reminiscent of the house in Psycho. It can be a bit silly and/or tacky but I think this works in the film's favour. For the most part this film is a slow burn and I can't help but feel that the writer's and director's aspirations exceeded that which they had either the skill or budget to create. Regardless it's enjoyable and one which i'll be watching over again, probably paired with Evil Awakens.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 8 / 10

A strong - and unusual - Australian horror/thriller

Australia isn't exactly a country well known for its horror cinema – yet during a period running from the late '70s to the early '80s, it was responsible for a fair few unusual and atypical gems that are mostly forgotten about today. The likes of PATRICK, DEATH WARMED UP, RAZORBACK, THE SURVIVOR, THIRST, and ROAD GAMES were all not-bad movies with a distinctive look and feel to them – the Australian vibe, perhaps. PATRICK is one of the best-known of these movies, a comatose variant on CARRIE or perhaps THE FURY. It's a slow burner film that's far more about mood and atmosphere rather than gory effects, so British customers who find this release on the 'Hard Gore' label are likely to be disappointed by the complete lack of gruesomeness on display. The false advertising is a shame, because this is actually a very effective film that works through subtlety alone.

I watched THE STEPFORD WIVES around the same time as this and I was impressed by the similarity between the two films. Both are matter-of-fact, detailing the daily lives of the lead characters and yet incorporating elements of the bizarre that keep the reader hooked. Of the two, I think PATRICK has the edge. It's a deeply unsettling film that works through the power of suggestion, and the way the filmmakers hold back on the set-pieces rather than going over the top somehow makes them all the more effective. In fact, this is more a romance film than a horror, as for the most part it details the telekinetic bloke's obsession with lovely nurse Susan Penhaligon. Penhaligon is fine in a fairly simple role to play – it's easy to get us on side sympathetically – and it's great to see her as the lead for once. However, the film really belongs to Robert Thompson, who plays the titular character. For 99% of the film he's consigned to a bed, comatose and unblinking, and very effective he is too, performing through his wide, unseeing eyes alone .

A supporting cast adds to the fun, with both Rod Mullinar and Bruce Barry good value as the macho guys competing for Penhaligon's attention. Dancer Robert Helpmann steals his scenes as the chief doctor whose experiments with electro-shock therapy lead to disaster. Director Richard Franklin deserves kudos for creating such a suspenseful, enthralling movie, chiefly on just a single set. Plus this has one of the greatest 'jump' moments at the climax that I've ever witnessed in a film, even more jumpy than the one at the end of CARRIE. Good stuff!

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