Patient Zero


Action / Drama / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nanneboukes 1 / 10

Was the writer a twelve year old?

The characters in this movie are so incredibly simple. Within five minutes you know everything there is to know about them.

Storywise you won't be surprised either. There is no logical build up, no in depth of characters, just bam! These are the main characters, this is the mission, they have different opinions and go high school play.

I understand they tried to do something new with the infected, and the way they use them to try to find patient zero.(still first 5 minutes, no spoilers). But the disney characters with their petty little arguments ruin every chance of this movie being taken seriously.

Reviewed by jackmcmeniman 1 / 10

I wish I could give 0/10

I have made an exception to my general stance of steering clear of reviewing movies on IMDb. I understand that viewing a movie can be such a subjective experience, with each viewer generally entitled to their opinion of what is laid before them.

And then there is this. The plot line is so mangled and nonsensical, changing its direction every 5-10 minutes, its as if the writers were trying to steer a sinking ship clear of the rocks, but all they managed to do was crash it even quicker.

The acting was terrible. Not even a solid cameo role from Stanley Tucci could bring any light into this horror storm. I am generally a fan of Matt Smith, and Natalie Dormer, and I will die wondering what drove them to appear in this movie, were there spouses kidnapped and held for ransom?

I have spent enough words writing on this movie now, I implore anyone who reads this to stay as far away from this movie as they can, it is objectively awful. I would rather eat glass than watch it again.

Reviewed by raitingaata 1 / 10

Spoiler..more like spoilt!

This movie was absolutely terrible. From mad-dog disease to a bristish actor pretending to be american to the 'Infected' being recorded and not supposedly able to speak English but speaking and acting as they were when translated - so many flaws in this movie it was not enjoyable to say the least. Characters had no background, storyline was rocky at best and the movie had no depth or feeling to keepyou following along and intrigued - NOTHING!

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