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Karl Urban as Ghost
Clancy Brown as Gunnar
Moon Bloodgood as Starfire
Nicole Muñoz as Little Sister
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dusan Petrovic 6 / 10

A glad day dawned

A Viking boy, Ghost is left behind battles a Native American tribe. Raised within the tribe ( Dawsons ), he ultimately becomes their savior in fight against the Norsmen ( The Vikings ) A. K. A The Dragons. However, the truth was that Vikings'd been burgled Britannia, Ireland and coasts of America ( approximately 600 years before "The Conquest of Peradise " 1492 A.D. ) happening. So, if I'd understood everything right, Americans should be thankful to the Vikings, because they were American dawning consciousness. Sincerelly, yours Dushan Petrovic ( Jurija Gagarina 143/92, 11070 New Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Reviewed by jagc1969 1 / 10

Norwegian original film is way too better than this one.

The Norwegian original film is way too better than this remake. Bad acting, ridiculous script, bad filming... Even action scenes are not too thrilling really. Even CGI has poor quality. Hollywood seems to be running out ideas and they had decided to take others' ideas and adapt them for American market. Sometimes it works and sometimes don't. This time is a failed one. This film is only a waste of time and resources.Really disappointing. Watch the Norwegian original !

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 6 / 10

If you are not strong enough to kill the bear use the bear's strength to kill it...

Having seen "Pathfinder" about three times now so far, since it was released in 2007, I will say that the movie is actually entertaining enough to sustain multiple viewing with some years in between each viewing.

The story told in "Pathfinder" was anything but original, and it is something that has been seen in other movies, and it does bear great similarities to "Dances With Wolves", for example. And on that account, "Pathfinder" doesn't stand out for having an original and innovating storyline.

What does work for the movie is the action throughout the movie, especially since the movie starts out in a good pace early on in the story and continues on in that lane throughout the entire movie.

Furthermore, the costume department really managed to create something unique here. But while the vikings were about as far from being historically correct as it almost could have been, then it was still very visually pleasing. Why? Because they were dark, brutal, primal and menacing to look at. They had a very nicely done dark fantasy feel to them given the costume design.

The characters in the movie were generic, sure. But still, they were interesting enough to sustain the movie and keep it being interesting to watch.

As for the actors and actresses brought in to portray the various roles and characters. Well, I did enjoy watching Karl Urban as the lead role, and he did carry the movie quite well. Furthermore, the native Americans that filled out the majority of roles in the movie were really doing good jobs as well, and they brought so much realism to the movie. However, the people cast for portraying the vikings were essentially faceless throughout the entire movie, aside from two or three of them.

"Pathfinder" is by no means a masterpiece, but it is surely entertaining for what it turned out to be. I was thoroughly entertained by it, and could easily return to watch the movie again at another time a couple of years down the lane. Just don't sit down to watch "Pathfinder" if you want to watch something that is historical correct.

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