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Colby Minifie as Young Sue Paterno
Al Pacino as Joe Paterno
Riley Keough as Sara Ganim
Greg Grunberg as Scott Paterno
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by underscore1 3 / 10

Paterno yes, but the movie couldn't decide where to go from there

I wasn't sure what to expect with this. Focusing on a figure in a scandal that isn't the perpetrator, a witness, and attorney or a victim seemed odd to me. There are so many different players in the Sandusky scandal and the movie attempts to peripherally include some of them, while omitting others. Yet even those included are there solely for background noise. I'm not even sure why they case the female reporter in the movie since her involvement wasn't contemporaneous with Paterno's. But I guess every movie needs a young female heroine.

Acting was excellent, and I feel that that was Levinson's whole purpose for the movie. One last crack at some award for both he and Pacino. But I just didn't feel like I got anywhere. Even the ending seemed like a "oh crap we're out of material, let's throw something outrageous in at the end" moment. Thank goodness this was just an HBO movie and I didn't pay anything at the box office.

Reviewed by MilesKelley 4 / 10

Why is this movie titled "Paterno"???

And before anyone attempts to call my review a "Penn St faithful" or "Aterno faithful" or anything like it... I'm a Buckeye. Lifelong, die hard Buckeye. So I owe nothing to the Nittany Lions. But I've got to be honest... this movie literally has nothing to do with Joe Pa. This movie should've been titled "Sandusky" and Pacino could have honestly been left out of this film entirely. Save a heavy hitter like him for a real movie about this man. They really wasted Pacino.

And it was honestly a pretty ridiculous plot line. They attempted to pin Sandusky's cover up and scandal on Joe, but also attempting to paint him as basically senile or something. Like he seems completely out of it for anything at all besides football. So if that how you feel, then why are you trying to blame him for what Sandusky did? ESPECIALLY considering that the moment Joe heard about it he told the AD exactly what he knew? If Joe is so spaced out and such, why are you attempting to blame him and not the fully of sound mind AD???

I don't get this film at all. It seems like they are just trying to capitalize on a big name and big scandal and not actually make a credible or even entertaining film.

Reviewed by neener3707 8 / 10

Interestingly Done - I Sort Of Liked It

While its not another HBO masterpiece, I found it interesting enough to watch the whole thing and enjoyed it. I liked many things about it but I also didn't like some things, and I'll talk about that. At the beginning, it starts with the indictment so I was worried we wouldn't give enough background going back to 1998, but thankfully the film has many flashbacks and the reporters are also used as an explanation device of the past. The film did not shy away from the tough aspects of this tough subject. I did enjoy the Paterno scenes where he is confronted on the charges and how he deals with it, though it can be a little slow. I found the framing device to be interesting and Al Pacino's performance was great, I didn't see Al Pacino, I saw his character. The cinematography was also top notch, what can be expected from and HBO movie. But there were things I didn't like, and I will discuss it.

I personally didn't like how they opened it, they opened it in a spot where a lot of things already happened, but to be fair the film does go back and explains things. The pacing is also hit and miss, sometimes things are paced fine, and sometimes I felt it jumped around too quickly. I also wish is a bit longer or a show because there were a couple story points I feel could have been explored more and would have been beneficial to the story to delve into. I also didn't connect with any of the other characters except for Paterno, no character really stood out and wowed ne. All in all it was an interesting enough film that I finished and mostly enjoyed.

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