Party Bus to Hell



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Tara Reid as Darby
Devanny Pinn as Kimberly
Sadie Katz as Joan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 2 / 10

This is a very lousy film filled with unnecessary n overlong nudity, bad creature effects n headache n sleep inducing flickering lights.

The film has a decent opening scene with the desert location n a couple running away from something. We get to c a very plastic looking Tara Reid. She beheads the other person in a fit of hysteria n the dead man's head starts talking to her. This was sufficient to convey wher the movie was heading. Still i had hopes after reading in the trivia section that this film got some standing ovation.

Cut the scene n we get to c a girl who gets invited to board a bus which is heading towards Nevada for some burning man festival.

This is a very lousy film filled with unnecessary topless scenes, boring n lengthy lesbian orgies, bad cgi, repeated scenes of lesbian orgies with blood while the men jus stands aside. There is a scene wher the reptiles from Sadie katz's body comes out alive. That was supposed to be creepy but the director ruined it with those headache n sleep inducing flickering lights. Lots on boobs on display, one lousy sex scene n one very lousy creature. There was absolutely no tension or suspense. The dialogues were horrendous. Apart from Tara Reid who is also the producer, the only actor i cud recognise is Sadie Katz from Wrong turn 6. She too doesn't hesitate to go topless. Her voice n face r seductive though. In one scene the tatoos/reptiles from Sadie katz's body comes out alive. This scene was supposed to be creepy but the headache n sleep inducing flickering lights ruined the entire scene.

This is the second time i encountered a bad movie experience regarding almost similar title n synopsis. The first one was Hard ride to hell. Well apart from the titles being a lil similar, even the synopsis n the settings were very similar. Cult satanic group n desert location. Both the movies r awful.

Reviewed by Andrew 8 / 10

Pretty much what I expected from the title... and that's not necessarily a bad thing!

First off, let me start by saying I think some of the less than favorable reviews for this movie seem to be a bit harsh and perhaps the viewers chose to take it a little too seriously. Which, in my opinion, would be a mistake since the movie itself very openly doesn't take itself seriously. At all. On purpose. After all, this is low budget, independent horror, with a playful nod to early years of slasher cinema.

That said, there's definitely room to pick apart several aspects of the overall production for those so inclined, but what's the fun in that? If you're just looking for entertainment, some bloody cheap thrills, and aren't afraid to laugh at a movie that isn't afraid to laugh at itself then it's quite a fun ride.

This title comes equipped with plenty of clever one-liners woven through the dialogue, and a devilish smorgasbord of blood, boobs, bad guys (and girls) to keep your attention up until the twist at the end, which is in itself noteworthy. I personally enjoyed this ill-fated adventure and found it worth the price of the bus ticket.

Reviewed by danocaster 1 / 10


I didn't expect much from a movie with the title of Party Bus to Hell but this is dismal beyond belief. The CGI effects are so bad and it looks like it was shot on a long weekend. Poor Tara Reid looks haggard and unhealthy and the rest of the cast is forgettable. I figured that you'd get a kind of Fred Olen Ray film, with lots of hot looking girls running around naked but most of the women should have kept their clothes on! The so called plot is like a combo of Race with the Devil and The hills have eyes. Making comedy horror is actually quite hard to do. This just proves that. Words are hard to come up with to describe this. Wasted time and money that I won't get back. You've been warned.

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