Paranormal Asylum


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rebeccakatielouisexo 1 / 10

Meh - Don't Bother...

Firstly, I will applaud that this film does have a great idea behind it, being based on a fact, but it wasn't executed in the best way. Other then the no scares at all, it was a very timid horror/ghost film, I've ever seen, which I did not expect from the title: Paranormal Asylum.

The film's quite obviously made on a budget, with obviously poorly done graphics, and special effects which makes the film scream fake. The storyline had so many holes in it, and was not fluent.

All in all, if I could I would not rate this film anything, surprised it's been given like 2 stars. It's not worth watching or taking the time out of your day to watch.

However if you do decide to watch the film, you have been warned! @RebeccaKLxo

Reviewed by hoytyhoyty 1 / 10

What a mess

What a mess.

This film is a good example of the axiom, 'The Story Is King'. The story is indeed of paramount importance, so you'd better include one. These guys forgot to.

I've seen some very good low-budget non-mainstream horrors recently, such as 'Absentia' and 'Afflicted'. This isn't one of them.

Annoyingly, this film starts out with great promise. Whoever was fiddling with the video-toolbox managed to get some great effects out of it, and even the occasional momentary scare.

But then the complete lack of a plot destroys the whole thing, and you end up watching it to the end - I'm assuming the reader got that far - purely on a train-wreck-fascination basis. The story makes no sense at all.

And what's with all the historical inaccuracies? Surely a good ghost plot could have been cooked up around the strange tale of the real Mary - the truth was bizarre enough by itself. This fiction was just silly. The bits with the girlfriend, the kitchen, the modified voice, the basement and - particularly - the recipe, were just sooooooo irritating.

Well guys, I hope it didn't leave you completely broke. Analyse your mistakes, and write a story before you attempt your next effort.




Reviewed by pmcguireumc 3 / 10

Amateurish across the board

While Paranormal Asylum benefits from a wonderful concept, that of searching for the true story of Typhoid Mary, it suffers from three major problems.

1 - a ridiculous back story of the film maker trying to get out from under his girlfriend's family.

2 - filming quality that, while the coloring is lovely, it looks either like a college graduation film or a commercial for local TV.

3 - terrible acting. Across the board, terrible acting. No one in this film was even Disney level quality. While good looking and in great shape, while they had nice hair even, the range of their dramatic skills covered the gamut from a to b.

On the positive side - when the film sticks to the found footage genre (which I love!) it is above average. Unfortunately, it only uses found footage techniques for about 15-20 minutes total. This is unfortunate, because the tricks used in those scenes are excellent.

Ultimately, I was left dissatisfied with the movie, knowing that it could have been so much more which is a shame, because I enjoy most found footage movies. I give it a 3 for the few minutes of found footage techniques and the twists employed therein.

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