Paranormal Activity 4


Action / Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 24%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
IMDb Rating 4.6 10 56740


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by minigarments 1 / 10

Too bad this was Stephen Dunhams last film

Sadly he died right after filming wrapped up from a heart attack. He starred in this crappy movie with his real life wife Alexondra Lee.

I was never a fan of this franchise to begin with but I liked him so I gave it a shot. slow and plodding and just a rehash of the previous 3. They should put this franchise to rest.

Reviewed by lojitsu 6 / 10

Only worth seeing for the POV fanatic!!

A-Z Horror Movie of the Day..."Paranormal Activity 4" (R - 2012 - US)

Sub-Genre: POV/Paranormal

My Score: 5.9

Cast=4 Acting=5 Plot=4 Ending=8 Story=6 Scare=4 Jump=7 F/X=7 POV=8 Creep=6

It has been five years since the disappearance of Katie and Hunter, and a suburban family witness strange events in their neighborhood when a woman and a mysterious child move in.

"Who doesn't like me?" "You'll find out." This is probably my least favorite in the franchise. The introduction of the Kinect software was cool, but that seemed to be the main focus of the film. The acting lacked and you could drive a truck through the holes in the story, but I liked the POV work and the ending was solid as usual. I felt this started to really lose focus here...only worth it if you are a POV fanatic.

Reviewed by lorcan-61881 8 / 10

Pretty good!

Paranormal Activity has been awesome ESPECIALLY after the third film and I was so so so excited when I heard that the two directors from the third film were coming back to direct number 4. The trailer for the film was released two months early and I was so excited thinking,this is gonna be awesome. Sadly,I never actually got to see the film until like a year later and when I did,I was pretty happy,the film can be very slow and it kind off got a bit boring but I'm not gonna say this was awful,I actually liked it. Now,lets start off by saying by now we now every PA film ends with a scary battle between helpless and evil where the helpless finally decide to bite the bullet and face the evil to help family or friends AND all the time,the helpless's camera cuts to black and we never see what happens,threes battle was awesomely scary but this was actually better,the third film was obviously better than this but the ending is not,the ending to this was so scary and I had nightmares of SPOILER Katie running up killing the girl. Sadly,these two directors never returned cause this got really bad reviews so bye bye you great dudes. Let's see Christopher Landon's Paranormal Activity Marked Ones!

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