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Neil Young as The Man in the Black Hat
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bettycjung 3 / 10

Neil Young was great, the rest - not so much

3/26/18. Not for everybody. I like Neil Young, so the music part was great, not so much the disparity between the music and the background scenery (that had very little to do with the music). Watch this (or, maybe just listen to it) for Neil Young.

Reviewed by fstclairejm 1 / 10

Terrible waste of time.

I kept waiting for some plot in this thing and there is none. The only thing it has is amateurish camera work trying to look artistic such as faded camera and other techniques that just don't work in the movie. The acting is amateurish. I didn't even like the guitar music. The camera was shaky and blurry at times and really more aimed at catching scenery that would be a more appropriate for National Geographic. An absolute snoozer unless you like the music and for action you have a guy peeing on a rock or two guys sitting in an outhouse talking to each other. Even the beginning fails by using dialogue between two of them to explain each of the characters. I found myself fast-forwarding to try and find something other than scenery or bad guitar music and I failed. If they wanted to make a bad music video, they may have succeeded. Don't waste your time.

Reviewed by st-shot 3 / 10

Expecting to Fly

Self described "auteur" Darryl Hannah stumbles around some mighty pretty territory while her cinematographer Adam Vollick fumbles to get acquainted and haphazardly experiment with his camera in this disjointed slacked jawed oater that features legendary rocker Neil Young and his band playing cowboys. With only snippets of jarring visual interest and the ambiguity of the early moments dissolving into heavy handed pretense it takes a full half hour for Paradox to pull out of its scattered torpor as Neil and the boys come to the rescue with a stirring rendition of his Peace Trail. The respite remains brief however as Young takes one of his most beautiful acoustical works Pocohantes and turns it into a dirge with a portable pipe organ. The rest of his score simply provides intrusive bombast to enigmatic skies, glorious aspens and grazing animals (deservedly noted in the credits since they give the best performances) while cowgirl in the sand Hannah incoherently presents her surreal vision with an 8 1/2 version of two cowpokes tethered to the ground flying kite like above the tent where Neil and the boys perform.

Paradox is similar in many ways to Young's wandering Journey Through the Past made in the 1970s. After the massive success of the documentary Woodstock Hollywood was eager to tap into the hippie phenomena and sought out Young who enlisted fellow pop troubadours that he would use and lose according to his needs over the years Crosby, Stills and Nash to make the same rambling self satisfied stream of conscious mess that Paradox is. This time around he's footing the bill and got a new band but the thrust remains the same, his presentation the nostalgic turn today that Lawrence Welk was offering his graying audience back in the 70s. Only the uniforms have been changed to protect the cool.

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