Paper Planes


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David Wenham as Patrick
Ed Oxenbould as Dylan
Deborah Mailman as Maureen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tinant 10 / 10

Nice, light and poignant story.

It was lovely to encounter this movie. For once it was a nice light film without the intensity even a lot of family films are these days. While it was light it was just poignant enough to make it interesting. I liked the anti-bullying message in it as well. Sam Worthington was excellent as a father struggling with depression after the death of his wife. Young Oxenbould did a good job as well. The scenes in Japan were idyllic and the whole film had a kind of magical feel. This is a good film to watch with the family or if you are in the mood for a pleasant non -jarring film.

I enjoyed the real yet slightly surreal atmosphere of the movie as well. It was realist and yet with a touch of magic realism as well. Overall a good Aussie family film!

Reviewed by Chappy Watched 8 / 10

Chappy Watched: Paper Planes

I am not a fan of Australian movies, some of them are okay but not one has ever blown me away.

Paper Planes might actually be the first!

I wasn't expecting a lot from it, then to get the end of the film and realize that I really enjoyed it was quite a surprise!

The story was really beautiful, lighthearted and funny and it has a brilliant cast, including Sam Worthington, that really makes the film entertaining to watch, including Terry Norris as Grandpa who always managed to steal the show.

It has a good flow and has your attention from beginning to end.

Just a beautiful and light movie that you should definitely give a watch!

Reviewed by Amna Bakhtiar 8 / 10

Not just for kids!

Paper Planes is a great movie for all ages really. I as an adult really liked it. The cast is quite great and the children in the movie are completely not obnoxious. The lead of the movie (Ed Oxenbould, who happened to be at the movie's premier at TIFF along with other cast members) was terrific.

The story moves at a very good pace so you don't zone out. The story itself is not very complex which is a bonus point. Western Australia is captured nicely here, you really get a feel for what life there is like.

This movie could have been a major tearjerker but I'm glad there are strong elements of humour and lightheartedness. It feels 'real' despite being a movie about incredible paper planes! I definitely recommend this movie.

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