Paper Planes


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David Wenham as Patrick
Ed Oxenbould as Dylan
Deborah Mailman as Maureen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ninaholmes738 6 / 10

An OK film

I found this film to be enjoyable but again lacked polish as a lot of Australian Films tend to do. There is nothing Hollywood about this film. It skips through its plot just fine but it is a bit folksy and heavy handed. It has some nice themes which are quite uplifting. The film is a bit nothingness. Sam Worthington's performance lacks depth as usual and I find it interesting that he didn't even bother to turn up to his own Premiere of the film. Overall an "Ok" film with a nice story but have kind of seen it all before. Perhaps this would have been better released on DVD. With a theatrical release I kind of expected something more.

Reviewed by tinant 10 / 10

Nice, light and poignant story.

It was lovely to encounter this movie. For once it was a nice light film without the intensity even a lot of family films are these days. While it was light it was just poignant enough to make it interesting. I liked the anti-bullying message in it as well. Sam Worthington was excellent as a father struggling with depression after the death of his wife. Young Oxenbould did a good job as well. The scenes in Japan were idyllic and the whole film had a kind of magical feel. This is a good film to watch with the family or if you are in the mood for a pleasant non -jarring film.

I enjoyed the real yet slightly surreal atmosphere of the movie as well. It was realist and yet with a touch of magic realism as well. Overall a good Aussie family film!

Reviewed by Chappy Watched 8 / 10

Chappy Watched: Paper Planes

I am not a fan of Australian movies, some of them are okay but not one has ever blown me away.

Paper Planes might actually be the first!

I wasn't expecting a lot from it, then to get the end of the film and realize that I really enjoyed it was quite a surprise!

The story was really beautiful, lighthearted and funny and it has a brilliant cast, including Sam Worthington, that really makes the film entertaining to watch, including Terry Norris as Grandpa who always managed to steal the show.

It has a good flow and has your attention from beginning to end.

Just a beautiful and light movie that you should definitely give a watch!

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