Papadopoulos & Sons


Action / Comedy / Drama

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Frank Dillane as James Papadopoulos
Stephen Dillane as Harry Papadopoulos
Ed Stoppard as Rob
Georgia Groome as Katie Papadopoulos
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnnysaunderson 1 / 10

Complete rubbish

This film is a classic case of a director at work who does not know how to direct. Dialogue awful. Acting poor. Plot ridiculous. A comedy requires humour and timing, both of which were sorely lacking. Too many scenes were simply too long. The plot line was absurd with reputable actors struggling to deliver awful dialogue, failing to make it convincing. A complete waste of almost two hours of my life. I can only advise: do not consider for a moment that this awful excuse for entertainment is worth watching... it is not!

Reviewed by Prismark10 5 / 10

Back to life

Set in London after the 2007 banking crisis. Papadopoulos & Sons is a story about Harry (Stephen Dillane) who is of Greek origins, he started with the family chip shop business and went on to become an entrepreneur who is embarking to build a shopping mall and up to his eyeballs in debt. These loans are recalled after the banking fiasco.

Harry and his children who have grown up enjoying the good life are back to their dad's roots and urban London. The only asset Harry has to his name is the run down chip shop he owned with his estranged brother Spiros (Georges Corraface.) Harry wants to sell the building to earn some cash, Spiros wants to renovate and re-open the chippy.

Harry is reluctant, he wants to get back on his feet and salvage with his bankers what he can of his companies. Spiros wants to re- engage his brother as to the importance of life values, going back to that pioneering spirit and togetherness when they were young. As Harry became successful, Spiros life went off the rails.

This is a feel good but bittersweet comedy about a family falling down from the top and making their way back. Harry's children realise with the help of Uncle Spiros that their is some worth in starting out again from the bottom but this is a lesson that Harry has little interest in learning.

There is a side plot of outside investors which might come to Harry's rescue, a divorced banker who fancies Harry and a rival Turkish kebab shop owner whose son starts to go out with Harry's daughter.

This is a small scale film, low budget and also a slim story but you sense the actors are putting all their efforts into the project to make it succeed.

Reviewed by Ian 3 / 10

Derivative, poorly-paced and lacking in Greek life!

*** Barely a spoiler as the comment in the review is contained in the summary ***

The 'idea' is great (although derivative) but the 'story' is terrible.

The writer/director (alas, writer/director usually waves a Big Red Flag - when will producers realise that it's not always a good thing to let writers direct their own material?) desperately needs some tuition in story structure and there is absolutely no pace. The editor also needs to take some responsibility.

Overall, the acting isn't bad but ultimately, for the most part, flat (especially, sorry, the lead who is more wooden than a plank on a Tudor ship) but the pace (or lack thereof) kills any possible development of interest and entertainment.

The female romantic lead actually calls him 'interesting' but, really, he's as interesting and dynamic as one of the dead fish he sells in his brother's fish & chip shop! Jeez! The film has none of the wit, chat, energy or passion you'd expect in a story about Greek life.

It's a shame because this movie definitely has possibilities but it falls at almost every story/film/structure hurdle it comes to.

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