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Norman Reedus as Shepard
Cam Gigandet as Gallo
Ben Foster as Bower
Antje Traue as Nadia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jozenerd 8 / 10

If alien covenant would have been like this movie...

I really like this movie, in my deepest thoughts I was thinking, alien covenant would have been like this movie...

great concept, great director, very good actors and actress involved.

I wish big producers would have the humility of listening to these new writers that come up with very original stories.

Reviewed by crberme 7 / 10

Despite it's flaws this is actually enjoyable

Payton, a crew member of a spaceship designed to travel to a planet habitable by humans wakes up early from the hyper-sleep state, unable to remember he's name or where is he. As he recovers his memory by finding his belongings, he realizes that something's wrong with the ship's reactor and is decided to go and fix it. But he's not alone… This is one of these movies that has a visual style that stand out in an unique – and good - way. It reminds me of 00s horror videogames, with a mix of green and blue tinted light and an overall darkness. Apart from that, the movie sets in some parts of the spaceship, but there's no views of the outside or something that makes that the're inside of a ship believable. Sometimes it looks like there's a set of rooms, one after the other, and almost the whole movie is about going from the first to the last and back.

This movie has good characters, with a lot of personality and strong roles in the plot. Though the whole movie we can see how a squad forms not because of affinity, because the kind of need each other and they believe in Bower and his mission. If I had to pick up a favorite character from this movie it would probably be Nadia, because she's just badass.

The plot is maybe one of it's weakest points, being good in some cases and leaving holes and some others. After watching the film I found myself thinking that some things didn't really make sense or at least they didn't look right. Maybe rewatching this movie would make this better, since this movie is one of those that you can watch over and over again without getting tired. Is enjoyable, just be aware that it has some flaws.

I thought if I would recommend this movie or not, since it doesn't really stand out or anything, but it's actually enjoyable even with it's flaws, so if you like sci-fi horror movies you should watch this one.

Reviewed by richardmarkham42 7 / 10

Rather ponderous, but effectively gruesome

I watched this time-shifted on TV - not in HD - and concede that I may not have been seeing it at its best. I like scifi movies and TV but would not say I am an addict, nor an expert. I would liken this production to a cross between small-screen miniseries "Ascension" (mainly in its basic idea of a ship designed to colonise a new Earth) and the Alien franchise (in its atmosphere and setting). There are certain scenes familiar from the likes of "Sphere" and other such and in some ways there are even parallels with "The Wizard of Oz"! For me Ben Foster is very strong in the lead role and Dennis Quaid also convinces. It is just as well because most of the other players who matter have peremptory dialogue and the bulk of the other "lifeforms" who inhabit the ship are interchangeable and genuinely nasty zombie-like apparitions with only one thing on their agenda. For too long, the movie drags us through somewhat repetitious encounters between our hero and the many hazards he encounters, but the basic story is clever and intriguing, with several twists that eluded me, not least at the end. Given that the budget will have been a fraction of that thrown at the Alien franchise, the sets, lighting and special effects are impressive and for the most part look real. There is also a solid futuristic score - crucial in movies like this. In the end, we have here a very decent effort at generating a cult picture that might yet be remade into a scifi masterpiece. Well worth your time, if you don't easily get queasy (or do and enjoy it)!

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