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Cara Delevingne as Mermaids
Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily
Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bheadher 5 / 10

Unorthodox and frankly bizarre...

Having seen just about every version of Peter Pan that came out, I wasn't quite ready to see a reimagining of the story...

While there is a certain evil to Jackman's version of Hook, the feel came across as more pompous than usual, using overdone stunts and action as the story, rather than letting the story unfold...Never Never Land is full of huge crystals in this version, rather than the outdoorsy jungle environment, which to me made the movie less appealing. frankly, it was more like a Peter Pan in space kind of feel.

All in all, I just didn't feel entertained, with all the action replacing a solid fantasy story...

Reviewed by DrChristers 5 / 10

Definitely one for Fan Fiction fans and people who don't think too much...

This could have been such a great film. I loved the introduction of Hook as a sympathetic character. The special effects, such as the birds and fights between aircraft and pirate ships are genius but Hugh Jackman and Rooney Mara are totally wasted on the belittling scripts designed completely for 3 - 4 year old children without any larger intelligence. The film and the script patronizes all involved. Come On! We've had Pirates of the Caribbean. Children are cleverer than we think and they like to be treated like adults.

Really disappointed because wider thinking could have made this film bad-ass! It's a good premise but ends up being a good film only for people who don't like to think too much......... For instance, J.M. Barrie only published following the first world war and died in 1937 rather than living through the second world war (when this film is set).

Hugh Jackman works with a dreadful script and a character who can't decide if he's the most evil man in the world or just a big softie at heart. This leaves an uncomfortable ill-defined pastiche of a personality. Hugh Jackman obviously just didn't have the confidence to push back against the director or script editors to decide what they wanted!

It's a shame. I wanted this film to be good but ended up being really disappointed

Reviewed by timou-17658 7 / 10

Its fresh and looks great

Pan looks great, has a great Soundtrack and good Action. The story is OK and the acting is find. Bad a good time watching it.

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