Palo Alto


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Emma Roberts as April
James Franco as Mr. B
Val Kilmer as Stewart
Talia Shire as Mrs. Ganem
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AnonymousFilmLover26 7 / 10

Palo Alto

OK, so I have to be honest here: the only reason I was really interested in this movie is because of its title. 'Was this really shot in Palo Alto?' I asked myself. I quickly concluded that no, at least as far as I could tell, this was not actually shot in Palo Alto - except for maybe a couple brief scenes that could have been Palo Alto.

But anyway, I'll stop writing the name Palo Alto for a bit now...I did enjoy this movie. It had some bizarre elements to it (a lot of Coppola films are more artsy than your average indie film) but it was filmed in a pretty intriguing way. My only gripe is that nothing really happened, here. Now, I like to think of myself as a pretty avid movie-watcher, so I know that not everything needs action, or explosions, or even a coherent plot, in order to grab an audience. Palo Alto accomplished the understated indie vibe it was going for, but I just felt like there was no conclusion. I didn't much care for the characters: they were all just kind of half-interesting or downright weird - so I didn't care that there was no conclusion, really. But I just thought it should be noted. PROS: An offbeat film that works well as a 'slice-of-life' movie, James Franco being mostly-charming and not too creepy, Jack Kilmer's performance as Teddy.

CONS: Sluggish character development, untied plot lines, Fred as a cryptic character

Bottom line: I liked this movie, but I'm either not aware enough to fully enjoy it (ie: pick up on the subtleties and implications) or I should've read Franco's book.

Reviewed by Dennis Littrell 8 / 10

Yes, they're relatively rich, spoiled and lost

(For the most part.)

Here are some things to know about this movie:

Gia Coppola (Francis Ford Coppola's granddaughter) directed, her first outing. She also wrote the screenplay based on James Franco's short story collection also entitled "Palo Alto." She was 25-years- old at the time.

Emma Roberts who plays April and was 22-years-old when this film was released in 2013 is Julia Roberts' niece. Her father is Eric Roberts (467 credits as an actor).

Palo Alto, California is an upscale Silicon Valley community and home to Stanford University.

Franco, who plays soccer coach Mr. B, is from Palo Alto. He has a degree in English with a concentration in creative writing from UCLA.

There are no helicoptering parents in this movie.

Initially I had a lot of trouble watching this because of all the unnecessary cigarette smoking apparently as product placements. It's sad that some producers can't get funding without taking big tobacco's money. However, I'll give that a pass since some of the smoking had relevance to the story—or "stories." The viewer can see that Coppola cleverly weaved parts of Franco's various stories and characters into a mostly coherent whole that plays as a larger story.

The other problem for me was the intensity and raw teenage emotional abandonment depicted. This is life lived in the fast lane when you're still living at home and have an incredible need for experiences, sometimes regardless of the consequences.

--Dennis Littrell, author of the movie review collection, "Cut to the Chaise Lounge or I Can't Believe I Swallowed the Remote"

Reviewed by SquigglyCrunch 4 / 10

Some Good Performances and Repetitive Scenarios

Palo Alto follows two teenagers specifically as they live their lives at the end of their high school years, as they and their friends develop relationships and attempt to balance their stress with everything else.

Gia Coppola does a great job with the directing here. There were several scenes that proved pretty to look at or just plain flattering for the actors or sets. It was nice to see someone putting effort into the movie.

As far as acting goes, Emma Roberts shows herself to be a talented actress that simply hasn't found the role to make her one of the greats. There's an Oscar winner in there somewhere, she just hasn't found her yet. Jack Kilmer most notably pulls off a solid performance as the other leading teenager. He pulls off the whole stoner persona really well, while still bringing depth to his character. And James Franco also manages to pull off a note-worthy performance here as a high school soccer coach. He's genuine, no matter what the material is that he's given.

As for the rest of the acting, it ranges from bad to okay. The main child actor is pretty terrible. Every line he's given is just an atrocious read and it's so blatant that this kid has no idea what he's doing, nor any concept of how to act. I know he's a kid, and thankfully his role was small, but I don't really care. He sucked. There was also this voice over of a judge reading something to one of the characters and he's just monotone for the entire thing. Nobody talks like that. It's like he was literally reading off the script. Nat Wolff was kind of off and on here. Sometimes he was pretty good, and other times he wasn't so much.

Some of the writing was good. It resonated with me and I was able to relate to some of the feelings of the characters. But a lot of the time it was way out there. Coppola didn't seem to know how to make these characters hook up romantically, because a lot of the time they just start making out and hope for the best. And it works a lot of the time. Like apparently there's no such thing as relationship made organically, people just mack and pray. Some of the characters are kind of dumb sometimes. They jump to conclusions and overreact. Furthermore, the movie attempts to cram as much relatable high school junk in as possible, and as a result none of it receives nearly as much development as it should. There's the whole soccer thing, then there's graduation and relationships and partying and volunteering (no working apparently) and as a result multiple of these things take a backseat to each other. And while some of them did receive plenty of attention, many didn't. Also there's this metaphor for life that gets briefly mentioned at some point in the movie and then gets brought up again at the end as if it's a huge deal and has huge significance to the entire movie and all that, when in actuality the metaphor is poorly presented and doesn't make a whole lot of sense with the rest of the movie. It's pretty pretentious.

And the pacing is just flat out bad. When the movie seemed to be wrapping up it'd only hit halfway, and from then on I was losing interest with every minute. And it doesn't help that the movie is super repetitive. It's a lot of the same scenarios with the same characters dealing with the same stuff. It gets pretty boring after a while.

Overall Palo Alto kind of sucks. I like the concept of taking two very different teenagers and showing their story from their perspective and how they interact with each other and all that, but a concept alone isn't enough to save an entire film. It's often poorly written, poorly acted, and boring. Sure the directing and some performances are saving graces, but they simply can't support the entire film. In the end I wouldn't recommend it.

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