Oz the Great and Powerful


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Family / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 59%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 56%
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Rachel Weisz as Evanora
Mila Kunis as Theodora
Bruce Campbell as Winkie Gate Keeper
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Smoreni Zmaj 8 / 10

Prequel to Wizard of Oz...

One of the best Disney feature films I saw so far. It's not on par with Pirates franchise or Lone Ranger, but it could not possibly be because it's completely kids-friendly. No one dies, there's no jokes inadequate for kids, it's tame fairy-tale, but it's beautifully written, designed and filmed and in the given limits it's the very best Disney movie I saw. I'm not sure, but I suppose that story is prequel to classic Wizard of Oz tale. Nothing here is superb, but there's no flaws either and I warmly recommend it to all fairy-tale and/or Mila Kunis fans.


Reviewed by marieltrokan 7 / 10

Almost endearing, but fails because of a false presumption that giving magic to reality means having to give reality to magic

Connect unification to censorship, and the equivalent of the unification being rational is the irrational separation of separation and openness - the irrational separation of separation and interaction.

Separation is interaction. The irrational separation of separation and separation is the same the irrational separation of reality and reality - the irrational reality of reality and reality.

Reality and reality is unification and unification. Unification and unification is an oversight. The irrational reality of oversight is the rational fantasy of attentiveness - the rational fantasy of professionalism.

A rational fantasy, is a fantasy that's real - a fantasy that's critical. Professionalism is also criticism. The rational fantasy of professionalism is the same as a fantasy that's critical of criticism.

Fantasy is the absence of rules. The absence of rules which are critical of criticism is an absence of criticism that's critical of criticism.

The criticism of criticism is the fantasy of fantasy. A fantasy of the fantasy of fantasy is the fantasy of fantasy which isn't the fantasy of fantasy - a fantasy of the fantasy of fantasy is a fantasy of the rejection of fantasy having no authority.

A fantasy of the fantasy of fantasy is the reality of the rejection of fantasy having authority.

The central flaw, of Oz the Great and Powerful, is the importance of the importance of no fantasy - the importance of the non-importance of fantasy.

The movie's preoccupation is to take status away from the mystical: for starters, the mystical can't possibly have any status, so then why in the hell should Oz the Great and the Powerful presume the right to treat the mystical as something which can be categorized?

Giving magic to reality doesn't have to come at the expense of giving reality to magic

Reviewed by Tweekums 7 / 10

An enjoyable origins story

This prequel to 'The Wizard of Oz' opens in Kansas where circus magician Oscar Diggs, the self-styled 'Oz the Great and Powerful' performs to audiences who want to believe that he really can work miracles… which of course he can't. One day he is forced to flee in a balloon; as he flies away he is caught up in a tornado. When he lands he is no longer in the monochrome Kansas but in the vividly coloured land of Oz. He soon meets Theodora, a beautiful and kindly witch who believes that he is the answer to their prophecies; a wizard who shares his name with their land who will defeat the wicked witch who murdered the king. We are told that there are three witches, all sisters and daughters of the king; Theodora, her good sister Evanora and the wicked third sister. On the way to the Emerald city to meet Evanora they save Finley, a winged monkey who joins them.

Once there Oz learns that if he is to fulfil the prophecy… and thus become king and gain a room full of gold he must go to the Dark Forest and destroy the Wicked Witch's wand. He and Finlay head towards the forest and rescue a Chine Doll whose family were killed by the Wicked Witch. When they finally meet the witch it becomes apparent that not everything we have been told is true; this witch is Glinda and she is far from evil. Evanora is the wicked one. If she is to be defeated, and the Kingdom of Oz saved, Oscar will have to work with the peaceful people of Oz and use many of the tricks he learnt.

As an origins story this is rather fun; 'The Wizard of Oz' told us that the wizard was from Kansas and this nicely showed us how he came to Oz and came to such a prominent position. This aspect of the story was interesting but even more interesting was the origin of the Wicked Witch of the West. I like the fact that she wasn't always evil but became evil due to certain events. There are plenty of enjoyable nods to other events in the original film and some nice twists… I loved how when we first see the Munchkins it looks as though they are about eight feet tall before it is revealed that each of them is three standing on each other's' shoulders! The cast does a solid job; James Franco is good as the somewhat cowardly wizard and Michelle Williams is likable as Glinda however for me it is Mila Kunis who stands out most as Theodora thanks to the way she went from being a good character to being the cackling evil Wicked Witch of the West. The rest of the cast are pretty good too. The special effects are a bit mixed; I really liked the China Doll character; I didn't mind the vivid, unreal look of Oz but the flying effects often looked rather poor at times; perhaps they worked when the film was shown in 3D but on DVD they looked distinctly ropey. That did detract from the film at times but not enough to spoil it. There are a few good scares; nothing too strong for most children though. Overall I rather enjoyed this despite certain flaws.

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