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Scott Eastwood as Andrew Foster
Ana de Armas as Stephanie
Gaia Weiss as Devin
Clemens Schick as Max Klemp
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aronsteel 5 / 10

Not up to the Mark

I think the movie was okay but still not up to the standards where it can be called a good movie. It lacked many things, even the car chase and stunts were not that amazing. The graphics i can say was okay but still the car driving skills lacked too much. There was really no plot to the movie, it started and went with the flow. There were no twist no suspense nothing. The story was totally plain and not worth it. The acting was okay but there were some scenes where you were able to tell just what is going to happen next. They really lacked expressions and sometimes over expressed themselves. To sum it up, just one time watch movie that too if you want to just pass out time. If you really want to watch for a good time then it might not be the one for you.

Reviewed by heckl 5 / 10

Not good, but still better than fast & furious

This is a B-movie, you can see in the first few minutes and if you accept this it will fun. Amazing cars, wonderful places, I would like to drive. This is not a good movie, but I enjoyed more than any recent F&F (because there isn't any bald man saying annoying one lines, and this is not a family.)

Reviewed by viewsonfilm.com 6 / 10

VIEWS ON FILM review of Overdrive

Earlier this year, Scott Eastwood was in one of The Fast and the Furious flicks (The Fate of the Furious). He now appears in Overdrive (my latest review). Bottom line: Overdrive is strangely akin to a straight-to-video version of The Fast and the Furious.

So OK, it's crazy. When you see Scott Eastwood on screen, you'd swear it was his legendary dad circa 1960. In Overdrive, Scott dodges bullets, smirks, bungee jumps off a bridge, and drives intimidating Ferrari automobiles.

Anyway, the opening sequence in Overdrive involves a heist of a car that's tucked in the back of a semi-trailer truck. Said sequence is so outlandish and overwrought, it almost disregards the notion of basic physics. Heck, you wonder if someone got severely injured or even killed during filming.

The story of Overdrive incorporates two half brothers named Garret and Andrew Foster (played by Eastwood and Freddie Thorp). They steal top-end cars internationally and then flip them for major profit. When the Foster boys pilfer a Bugatti from an unrevealed, nasty crime boss, all chaos ensues with at least three groups of villains included (I stopped trying to identify all of Overdrive's antagonists within the first half hour).

Overdrive, with its galloped car chases, its slick cars and its even slicker locales (be on the lookout for lots of aerial shots via the country of France), is dangerous and invariably intriguing. It's also far from uneventful and certainly doesn't shy away from violence (I was surprised by the restrained, PG-13 rating).

Most scenes in Overdrive are of the double-crossing, smash mouth, and slam-bang variety. At times, the pic looks like it cost a lot of money to make. There are stunts that defy logic, hot babes, far-fetched criminality scenarios, and characters that constantly get themselves in and out of trouble.

Yeah Overdrive could probably qualify as a decent companion to a Fast and the Furious endeavor or even 2000's Gone in 60 Seconds. Just watch for a hike down in the acting department and a hike up in the cheesiness factor. Rating: 2 and a half stars.

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