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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 26%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 63%
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Anna Faris as Kate
Eva Longoria as Theresa
Mel Rodriguez as Bobby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cognicom 8 / 10

I really wanted to hate this movie!

I always hate re-makes, especially if I've seen and enjoyed the original. Derbez's character at the beginning didn't do anything to change my mind; he really did play the perfect ar**hole - and Faris hasn't exactly been known for picking epic roles.

Once the scene was set and the plot picked up its pace though, I was very pleasantly surprised. The characters were believable, the "peanut gallery" of supporting cast were fantastic and well-suited to the characters they portrayed, and it just flowed beautifully.

Truly a "must watch" if you have a family - or if you're just a big softie at heart.

Reviewed by crazyhockeycardz 6 / 10

enjoyable but......

I loved the original and was excited for a new twist on the film and love both the leads however the spanish speaking parks broke the flow of the movie and was too long and not really needed . funny yes but had so much potential to be more funny kids were not as involved as original though it was attemeted it fell short enjoyable movie but left disappointed .

Reviewed by spayment800 2 / 10

Simply dreadful

Consider this a public service.

The new Overboard remake is simply dreadful. Where the original was light and funny and endlessly quotable, the remake is flat, depressing, and basically comes off as a "Spanish 101 lesson for Gringos".

Anna Faris generally strikes me as fairly funny in her other work but even she can't right this sinking ship. Eugenio Derbez captures none of Goldie Hawn's hilarious, over-the-top pretentiousness, Swoosie Kurtz is an abomination in the insane mother role so superbly executed by Katherine Helmond in the original. John Hannah is his usual charming self as the beleaguered "Andrew" but he's given almost nothing to work with, whereas Roddy McDowell ( both acting and exec. producer in the original) steals many classic scenes.

The kids are dreadful. The rich relatives are dreadful. The poor friends, including Eva Longoria... dreadful.

Run, don't walk, away from this picture.

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