Our Idiot Brother


Action / Comedy / Drama

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Elizabeth Banks as Miranda
Paul Rudd as Ned
Zooey Deschanel as Natalie
Rashida Jones as Cindy
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Reviewed by bigverybadtom 2 / 10

Idiot Producers

A hippie organic farmer, at a farmer's market, sells marijuana to a uniformed policeman and goes to jail. Upon release, he goes back to his farm, but his former girlfriend rejects him and he ends up going back to his urbanized mother and sisters. But once there, he ends up accidentally causing them grief by unintentionally exposing their dirty secrets and bad behavior...not out of malice, but with good intentions.

This is supposed to be a comedy, but there are no laughs. The idea is that he is supposed to be the foolish but virtuous person trying to correct his relatives' misbehavior, but there is so much profanity, simulated sex scenes, and overall vulgarity-involving small children, yet, that any moralism in this movie is sabotaged. This might have been a decent movie if they had tried. But they ended up combining the worst of all worlds and turning the movie into a failure as a comedy or as a morality play.

Reviewed by muvi-fan-73 9 / 10

1.5 hrs of tremendous comedy-drama!

Our idiot brother is only one and half hours of comedy-drama video which sets bar high for comedy movies. It is highly underrated.

Tone, Script & Story: It is a movie about Ned and his three sisters and their lives. The character of Ned weaves its own plot with each of his sisters which comes together. There is so much to say which occurs in one and half hours that cannot be summarized. There's plot coming together and stating Ned as just a child. There's how Ned's fed up and decides to stay in jail asking his sisters to f*** off. The story is awesome (4/5).

Direction, Screenplay, Cinematography: Direction, Screenplay and Cinematography are all very good (4/5).

Music: Music is very good (4/5).

Acting: Everybody associated with the movie has shown exceptional skills in acting (4/5).

Final Verdict: It is worth adding to your DVD collection [(4/5) (9/10)].

Reviewed by Mihai Toma 4 / 10

A movie to avoid

4* Ned is a person who avoids using his mind very often but besides that he's a good man. After being sent to jail for selling weed to a police officer, he's rejected by his ex-girlfriend so he seeks refuge from his mom and three sisters.

The girls never loved him, mostly because he is an idiot, so Ned is not very welcome in their homes. They start using him with different task, trying to make him work for a living but all he does is to constantly get into trouble.

I didn't understand what this movie was all about. As a comedy, it wasn't actually funny, and as a drama, you can't actually feel sorry for someone who does stupid things to himself. I really can't recommend this movie as its story was as stupid as the main character and the funny part was little or none at all. A bad movie in my opinion.

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