Ouija: Origin of Evil


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 82%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 38436


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Doug Jones as Ghoul Marcus
Elizabeth Reaser as Alice Zander
Lin Shaye as Lina Zander
Henry Thomas as Father Tom Hogan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BauersApprentice 4 / 10

Good Concept, but predictable and below average

I'll keep it simple, the curiosity around a Ouija board creates an interesting concept for a movie, however beyond the first 40 minutes the film becomes predictable and disappointing. There are some gaping holes in the storyline and the acting isn't fantastic, especially when the boyfriend drops down hung from bedsheets out of nowhere and the reaction from all present is as if to carry on as if nothing happened. Goes for the snappy 'fright' loud noise moments all too often without delivering on a progressive storyline, could've been a lot better but if you're looking for something along the lines of insidious or the conjuring expect a lot of disappointment

Reviewed by randymcbeast 8 / 10

A pretty captivating little horror flick, and beautifully shot

I wasn't really expecting much from this one. The IBDb rating was pretty low, the title is a bit cheesy, and the writers, directors and cast are not exactly A-listers. None of that mattered though as this one was actually pretty good.

First off, the scenes were beautiful. It was like watching a warm sunset. In addition, the direction and camera angles really enhanced the suspense and intensity. The special effects were also top notch and at one point I was like, "Whaaaat? That is cool".

I was pretty captivated throughout, although it did have it's clunky moments but not too many of them and they quickly worked their way out of them.

The cast did a superb job with the young Lulu Wilson pretty much stealing the show. I'll most likely be seeing her again in my nightmares. Annalise Basso, Elizabeth Reaser and Henry Thomas also did an excellent job so I don't want to sell them short either.

Overall this was a pleasant surprise with moments of nail-biting suspense. Definitely worth the watch on a dark and quiet night. Oh, and one other reviewer mentioned not watching the preview. I didn't so that might have helped.

Reviewed by moviewizguy 7 / 10

Flanagan delivers yet again

How anyone can be surprised by how good this film turned out to be is beyond me. From OCULUS to HUSH to BEFORE I WAKE, director Mike Flanagan has proved time and time again that he knows how to make elevated horror films, and OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL is no different. Flanagan's penchant to mix human drama with horror is present here and continues to be a winning formula. After all, caring about the characters is the basis of any good horror movie. The film also has a cast giving credible performances, well-timed jump scares, and a great retro style that hearkens back to horror films in the 1970s. For a Halloween flick, you can't ask for more, and in that front, this Ouija sequel delivers.

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