Open Water 3: Cage Dive


Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 25%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 17%
IMDb Rating 4.1 10 1988


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Megan Peta Hill as Megan Murphy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kurtis-holmes1974 1 / 10

Just bad from start to finish

I don't leave a lot of reviews but I felt compelled to help others to not waste their time on this stinker. Found footage movies have been worn out over the years and this is no different than any of the other terrible films to come out in this genre. Do yourself a favour and move along as watching this car crash of a movie will probably make you dumber.

Reviewed by wildsparrow16 5 / 10

Nothing to sink your teeth into....

This movie was not horrible, but could not hold a candle to the previous two. I must say,the actors were quite good. I really enjoyed the first to Open Water movies, so I figured this one would be good, too. First, it is done in documentary format (unlike the previous ones). This makes it choppy and adds some dull scenes that seem like filler. Secondly, the cinematography was so bad, it made me seasick. Third, they should have built up the capsize scene of the boat and the monstrous wave - it lasted about 2 seconds, and we never saw it coming. Last, and most importantly, it just lacked suspense. This could have been a good movie - the premise and the cast were good. Not the worst movie I have seen, but those who loved the first two will be disappointed in this. I do feel the kids had good chemistry and did a good acting job.

Reviewed by angelmist477 1 / 10

Why was this made?

The characters in this are so unlikable, they are all idiots who I actually wanted to die. You need to be able to root for your characters but whoever wrote this shitbox doesn't know that and I have no idea how it got made with the crap script it had. Everything was generic, guy loves girl, girl loves brother, oh no! It was 30mins of them being tools then 50 minutes of them in the water screaming at one another, there was no suspense no tension, as I said, I wanted them to die. Bad writing. How do these people have jobs?

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