Open Water 3: Cage Dive


Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 25%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 17%
IMDb Rating 4.1 10 2847


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Megan Peta Hill as Megan Murphy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wevzombie 2 / 10


Ugh this film! Bad, pure bad!

OK first the pros...the sharks look decent, when there are any. But having few shark shots and building the tension isn't a bad thing, Jaws after all is all about that, its the characters themselves who are the problem here. We follow 3 obnoxious dumbass Americans filming themselves as they travel to Australia to go on a shark cage dive, things go wrong and we are then suppose to route for these dumb s**ts for rest of the movie. It doesn't help that it takes 30 painful minutes before we even get on the ocean. Its similar to how Blair Witch started except in that at least we are learning about the witch & the drives of the characters etc, but with this movie we have a 30 minute build up telling us how unlikable, shallow and dumb these 3 people are and all i thought was "i have to spend the next hour with these idiots" so by the time they get in the water I was routing for the sharks. And boy are these 3 loathsome fools dumb, iv not seen victims in a horror this dumb for a long while, I ended up annoyed yelling at the TV! The film is even pretentious enough to think you'll care about these meat heads, there is even an awful love affair plot thrown in which the film makers seem to think this will add deeper story & tension, its not enough that the scenario itself is the main drive of the story, how the situation would effect you mentally and what it takes to survive apparently we need a love triangle to really add to the drama....give me a break! It all comes down to most the film being filler made up of hollow drama because they spent all the budget on a handful of decent sharks shots.

As for the sharks, the shark shots are the only reason this gets any stars form me, they are very decent but so few. So if you didn't care about the characters stuff and just wanted shark action you wont find that here either, even when we finally get a kill its so brief and tame. If your curious enough every single shark shot is in the trailer...all of them!

So in summary this is just a drawn out horrible filler heavy soap opera episode with some sharks. Avoid and just watch the trailer for the sharks and escape watching some annoying brats for 90 minutes.

Alternative recommendations would be 47 Meters Down or The Reef, the characters are likable and the shark bits are really tense!

Reviewed by cjhj1 1 / 10

'Jaws' meets 'The Exorcist' NOT

Once you have experienced a classic horror movie all the rest is just noise and sexual innuendo.

I deleted this from my collection and saved 19Gb of hard drive space for something original and not a copy of a copy of a copy with 'Z' actors, guys trying to be sickeningly cool and tough and girls trying to use their bodies instead of very poor acting ability.

'Blair Witch' was a modern abomination that had some appeal but for the older generation we had seen it all before but with real actors who knew how to entertain, not the third rate amateurish mish-mash that these modern film makers think we enjoy, just how many will continue to use this Lost Camera found crap and try to pass it off as something new?

Reviewed by prexactly 1 / 10

These Blair Witch home cam movies should come with warning.

Can't watch this home cam crap. Blair Witch was a novelty, but it's over! and it's been over for a long time! No one wants to see this crap anymore. I wish these home cam movies were clearly labeled as such so they could easily be avoided. Stop with the nonsense.

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