Open Grave


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 15%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 39%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 24307


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Sharlto Copley as John / Jonah
Erin Richards as Sharon
Joseph Morgan as Nathan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by matiasvirtanen 4 / 10

One of the dumbest movies I have seen this year.

=contains spoilers=

I very rarely write reviews but seeing the quite high grading score in IMDb and the reviews (which were mostly positive), made me to analyze my own sanity as I hated this movie. The movie was really a bad one!

Few really nonsensical elements ruined it for me: 1) The mute, non-English speaking woman, who was still emotionally attached with the rest of the group.

It made very little sense. Even if there were some really unlikely events behind the lack of communication, nobody ever tried to really communicate with her during the movie and she made no effort either. OK I guess we could say "ok" she was just mentally challenged and incapable of drawing stick figures to close the language gap, and leave it to it.

2) Soldiers not giving a crap were the survivors infected or not. 3) At the end, the huge pile of corpses and the hint that the main guy had done this cycle many many times before, was surreal.

Good premise, could have been a good movie, but not. Stay away. Watch "the cube" or "the exam" instead, if the like the genre.

Peace and out.

Reviewed by Puscifer DoZo 3 / 10

Don't waste your time - unless you like having your time wasted

This film started off pretty good...but then like many films do.....started to fizzle. The filmmakers tried making it too weird & wacky. All these different scenes that do not correlate to one another.

Then when that starts happening....interest starts to fade. I got to the point where I wanted to turn it off but since I already had time invested, I stuck it through to the end.

If you can see this for free (like I did on Amazon) and you're already done scrubbing the toilets and have nothing else to do that day - then I might suggest to watch it. But definitely do not pay to see this as it's not even worth a few bucks. Find something else that is more worthy to watch.

Reviewed by ukulele33 6 / 10

OK but not great

I liked this movie and i loved the plot. I found the script was original and the acting was above par.

But WOW was the directing horrible!!! I can't imagine the actors were OK with the way it was run. I'm not giving any spoilers away but there were may parts in the movie i had to do a double take. It was kind of like watching a bad slasher movie. Like, don't do that!! and your're an idiot if you go there!!

All in all if you like a story that where you are the antagonist finding out whats going on as the movie progresses with a bit of horror then you will like it.

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