On Body and Soul


Drama / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JvH48 8 / 10

Unusual love story in unusual setting, very well portraying two main protagonists, both not socially streetwise. Golden Bear winner at Berlinale 2017

Saw this at the Berlinale film festival 2017, where it was part of the official Competition. Possibly a spoiler but no secret anymore: It won the Golden Bear for best film. Unusual love story in an even more unusual setting, namely a slaughterhouse. The two main protagonists, the financial director and a newly appointed quality controller, are both not socially streetwise. Their personalities with their deviancies are very well portrayed, letting them stand out from cardboard characters that appear in some (other) love stories.

The movie opens in a forest where we see one male and one female deer, watching each other from a distance. At later moments, we see variations of the same scene. But before we think this is some form of running gag, we get the reason why it is important and why it is repeated with small variations. It comes to light as a side effect of a psychological screening of all personnel working in the slaughterhouse, that the two main protagonists have identical dreams at night with said two deer in a forest. Initially, they both consider it unbelievable. And the resident psychologist even assumes that she is the victim of a practical joke, and does not believe it either. Their disbelief ends when they compare notes, and observe the similarities as well as the progress in the dreams, in hindsight easy to be derived from our knowledge what to look for as the couple grows closer together in cautious steps.

All in all, the screenplay demonstrates very well how the two main protagonists get attracted to each other, and how the rest of the slaughterhouse staff behaves around them. They are not exactly outcasts but not an integral part of the social structure either, so gossip and unfriendly comments are to be expected. The slow progress in their courtship is juxtaposed with the two deer in their respective dreams who come closer together in tiny steps. It is all very unusual, but one never gets the feeling that it is too far-fetched.

Reviewed by simonkuttner 9 / 10

A Masterpiece - every detail present for a reason

This film is a masterpiece, if only for the fact that every single detail is there for a reason. Nothing is left to chance (based on a few other reviews for this film, this fact seems not be clear to all reviewers - e.g., one reviewer asks why did the film have to take place in slaughterhouse?).

The title says it all, Body and Soul. Endre is the Soul - throughout the film we are witness to his sensitive nature / soul toward others. Right at the beginning he says that possibly Maria is shy, he does not go downstairs to the slaughterhouse (to protect himself? only when Maria arrives does he start going down - to this cold clinical place without soul), he tells a new employee that if he cannot feel for the animals, he will go crazy, the attempts not to hurt others (apologizes profusely after looking at breasts of psychologist, and many other examples). Maria is cold, without sensitivity, and thus she can work downstairs in the slaughterhouse. To work in the slaughterhouse, you need to cut off your sensitivities / emotions, otherwise you will not cope (thus the genius of the setting). Maria has an ability to understand people from physical features, reading faces, and in the scene with the cleaner, it is emphasized what a beautiful body she has. However, her damaged soul prevents her from touch with others. She seeks this soul warmth (e.g., allowing the sun to touch her skin).

Endre is physically handicapped, Maria is "soul" handicapped (there are so many examples of this in film). Toward the end we see and hear the ultimate polarity of the two characters, when both are close to death, Maria physically experiencing it and Endre experiencing it on a soul level. The beauty is that this polarity can become united.

Reviewed by Jithin K Mohan 9 / 10

A beautiful introvert love story

Enyedi has made a beautiful love story weaving a little bit of magical realism into it. This felt like an introvert's fantasy realized on the screen. There were so many moments that could have gone wrong if tweaked a little bit to either side but they felt perfect here. With beautiful cinematography and great performances, this is one of the best romances of the year.

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