Old Yeller


Action / Adventure / Drama / Family / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 9891


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Chuck Connors as Burn Sanderson
Fess Parker as Jim Coates
Kevin Corcoran as Arliss Coates
Tommy Kirk as Travis Coates
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by davidallen-84122 10 / 10

A movie to treasure

This is absolutely one of my favourite movies of all time and I watch it at least twice a year. I first saw it at our magical Civic Theatre,down here in Auckland,N.Z. with my younger brother who was just old enough to appreciate it as much as I did. Two weeks later,we rushed up to our local cinema to see it again. I love every single aspect of "Old Yeller". Dorothy McGuire is so right in her role;very motherly,warm and lovable.She is pivotal to the whole movie and provides the necessary "star" name.The two boys are great and it is nice to see Chuck Connors as a man of integrity,following his scary portrayal in "The Big Country".I know I'll be returning to this classic movie regularly for the rest of my life.

Reviewed by shelton-73462 7 / 10

Old Yeller Review

So lets just jump right into this review. Story: The Story in the Old Yeller film is surprisingly Entertaining I expected this film to be boring but it is also Charming and Just one note if you can't handle watching animals die this film is not for you. Characters: So lets start off at the main character witch is travis he's a good main character and has a lot of character Development. then there's Old Yeller who is a pretty good character also. the only character that may be considered annoying is Arliss he's just annoying when he lies and whines and throws rocks at travis his Brother. Conclusion: so in conclusion this is a sad and entertaining film if you enjoy another film called the Shaggy Dog you will enjoy this. Personal Score 7/10

Critic Score: Story: 7/10 Characters 7/10 Overall Critic Score 7/10

Reviewed by Hitchcoc 6 / 10

He Should Have Shot the Little Brother

I saw this in a movie theater when it first was released. Like all other boys at the time, we pretended not to cry at the end. Hydrophobia was a reality on the frontier and when Yeller gets sick, we know what's coming. The best part of the movie is how the old yellow dog ingratiated himself to the boy who has become, for the time being, the man of the house. Once Yeller saves a life, that's it. He's part of the family. Dad, played dully by Fess Parker, is off earning money. The family lives in a sanitized Disney Old West. The wife seems a bit Eastern to be out there on the prairie. Her articulation seems odd, like she is in a voice and diction class. Tommy Kirk does a decent job as Travis but Kevin Corcoran's portrayal of Arliss gets old really fast. Still, it's a nice movie, one I would like my kids to see.

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