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Joe Cole as Tommy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tr91 8 / 10

A different take on the usual British prison drama film

Offender is a slightly different take on the standard British prison drama films. There are lots of similarities with the characters inside and all the trouble that happens but this film had a different storyline & style.

The plot revolves around Tommy, portrayed superbly by Joe Cole, who is sent to a young offenders institute after he assaults two police officers at the start of the film. I as the viewer assumed he was just a thug who done this on a regular basis but as the film progresses we see certain flashbacks which explain his reasons differently, of course it is still an awful thing to do but he is out for revenge once he gets there. I just liked it general that it had an actual storyline rather than just being another standard prison film where every scene takes place inside.

The cast mostly do a very good job and I was intrigued all the way through, the emotional sides of things also felt very realistic. One thing I didn't like so much was the camera seemed to be very shaky with a lot of scenes which seemed slightly unnecessary. But overall I thoroughly enjoyed the film and I feel it is slightly underrated on IMDb.

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who is easily offended by bad language and very brutal violence. If you enjoyed this film I also recommend 'Starred Up' starring Jack O'Connell. I would say that one is slightly better but 'Offender' still gets a solid 8/10 from me.

Reviewed by shock754 6 / 10

Overall decent movie lacking good actors.

I found this movie to be somewhat entertaining. However you can't ignore the complete lack of acting ability and intimidation factor that English Frank presents. If he were to walk into an actual prison walking and acting as he does. I have a feeling he would not be the "boss" but the joke of the prison. His acting abilities annoyed me throughout the movie. He was terrible! The goal isn't to look like a bully at recess during your teen years. The goal is to look like an intimidating, overpowering, and scary inmate. I did feel that Joe Cole did a great job as the main character. Putting him up against a "gangster wannabe" who is very bad at acting definitely hurt what could have been a much better movie.

Reviewed by Theo Robertson 6 / 10

The Director Wants To Be The Star . Big Mistake For Real Innit Bruv

The pregnant girlfriend of Tommy Nix is assaulted causing her to miscarry . Tommy assaults a couple of police officers so he can be jailed in order to carry out his revenge on the men who committed the crime against his girlfriend

A simple revenge plot and perhaps mindful of this director Ron Scalpello goes out of his way to make sure the audience don't get bored by a simple tale of revenge . Massive big mistake because Scalpello almost undermines the movie with his " hey look at me " directorial flourishes that makes a MTV ident look like a static painting in comparison . The more you might be reminded of Alan Clarke's gritty realist cinema borstal drama SCUM the more Ronnie boy tries to distract you

I've no idea of Mr Scalpello's background but he's obviously influenced by adverts and music videos and never resists the temptation to have a blasting soundtrack with moody stylistic sharply edited visuals . You don't like drum and bass bruv ? Don't worry because in a few minutes we'll get a long montage with some indie guitar sounds . You want romance ? Good because we'll have a smoochy song for a flashback . You want the film to just get on with telling a story ? You're being a little bit optimistic for real bruv innit

This is something of a pity because Scalpello does manage to develop Paul Van Carter's screenplay intermittently but perhaps not often enough . I was very impressed with Joe Cole who very often doesn't get to say much but does manage to give an angst ridden performance and I look forward to seeing this young actor in more suitable material . Of the other performances the stand out is English Frank ( Not I take it his birth name ) as Jake the prison daddy . Yeah okay it a in your face OTT performance that possibly has no basis in reality but it is memorable and is in keeping with the entire style of the movie

OFFENDER ends up being a very curious film where less might have been more . It can never be accused of being boring or having a sluggish pace but it's a film that can't be taken seriously either . In other words it's disposable entertainment

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