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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spam_ebay_al 7 / 10

Big awards and lot of action ? No, but good (really that budget ??)

OK, I have been in Ireland, worked with Irish, etc., even someone from Belfast (but did not have a very heavy accent), but maybe are right the ones (actually, I think one) complaining a heavy fake Belfast accent (I guess the accent from Dublin, that I know better, is different). Also, I may agree it is not the best film around, but... Like many others, I was expecting a kind of action Hollywood "kill all" movie, in non-Hollywood imitation sauce - instead, it comes out as being a somehow intimate movie, with just enough action to keep the story, but a lot of focus on psychology of the characters, very good use and perfect choice of the scenery, good choice of the music, and at least some of the actors and dialogues are actually good. True, the characters could have been developed even a bit more (though rather because they were already clearly in the right direction), some of the actors were a bit "too little French to be in France" ;-), some dialogues could have been better, maybe some of the passages of scenes could have been done better - but I have seen more than one movie from Hollywood with good budget and even some big name, where the acting, dialogues and the movie were tons worst. And if the budget was a number of times what advertised, it would still be an very good result for the money, but for that money, it is exceptionally good - yes, I admit this last aspect and the aspect about the characters psychology have upped my rating a lot. Not the first title would come to mind to suggest to someone from an entertaining night, but I am definitively happy with the choice of watching it (and by the way, see what another reviewer wrote, no, I am not part of the family of anybody involved with this movie ;-))

Reviewed by damien_fellowes 7 / 10

A Marmite Movie in my humble opinion

This is a bit of a Marmite movie as has "made in Britain" all over it. Without spoiling this, it is the kind of movie where you know exactly what is going to happen within watching it for about 10 minutes. For me this is not a bad thing as I find the journey as interesting as the reveal; however, this kind of movie may be a let down for those who do not feel the same way.

This is not action packed! in fact it is 1/2 psychological, 1/3 suspense/thriller and 1/5 action. The acting is a little wooden and the plot a little rushed in the second half of the movie. Nevertheless, I cannot really compare this movie to any other making it quite unique (like Marmite!) and it is this factor that pushed my rating up.

I would not watch it again but glad i did.

Reviewed by marcus-382-480424 9 / 10

Excellent film!

I thought this film was really good! It had an interesting story-line and was extremely well- acted. I nearly didn't watch it because of the low ratings but very glad I did as it was tense and thrilling. I would definitely recommend it to others as I am sure they would enjoy it. Undeserving of such low ratings in my opinion.

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