Off Piste


Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by damien_fellowes 7 / 10

A Marmite Movie in my humble opinion

This is a bit of a Marmite movie as has "made in Britain" all over it. Without spoiling this, it is the kind of movie where you know exactly what is going to happen within watching it for about 10 minutes. For me this is not a bad thing as I find the journey as interesting as the reveal; however, this kind of movie may be a let down for those who do not feel the same way.

This is not action packed! in fact it is 1/2 psychological, 1/3 suspense/thriller and 1/5 action. The acting is a little wooden and the plot a little rushed in the second half of the movie. Nevertheless, I cannot really compare this movie to any other making it quite unique (like Marmite!) and it is this factor that pushed my rating up.

I would not watch it again but glad i did.

Reviewed by marcus-382-480424 9 / 10

Excellent film!

I thought this film was really good! It had an interesting story-line and was extremely well- acted. I nearly didn't watch it because of the low ratings but very glad I did as it was tense and thrilling. I would definitely recommend it to others as I am sure they would enjoy it. Undeserving of such low ratings in my opinion.

Reviewed by alteram-73558 1 / 10

Now I'm going to have a quiet cry. Not the good sort, either.

OK, this contains a spoiler. Everyone dies in the end. No, I tell a lie. Everyone SHOULD die, in a sort of Hamlet-ish way, at the end. But sadly, they don't. The surviving characters will no doubt be recycled in another execrable movie. Even though we never want to see them again. Ever. This is a Movie With A Message. Unfortunately, it's a Boring Message and we are given the Message in the first fifteen turgid minutes. Then we get given it again. And again, andÂ… you get the Message. And the accents. I've only been to Belfast once. But the sort of people who were out to kill our 'damaged goods' hero would never talk like that. True, if they spoke with authentic Belfast accents, we probably wouldn't be able to understand what they were saying. Which might come as a blessing, because then we could at least pretend that this was a foreign language movie. And of course, there's always subtitles. But no, cancel that last thought, because the worst bit? The dialogue. 'Wooden' doesn't do it justice. It's wearing a concrete overcoat. It's excruciating, toe-curling, wince- inducing. How do people put that sort of money together to make a movie this bad? I know they weren't *trying* to make a bad movie, so one can only assume that some dark, malevolent force took hold of all involved and caused them to come up with a terrible and implausible plot with wildly unbelievable characters, made them write such a clunky script that no actor could possibly make it work, and give such leaden and ponderous direction that a neighbour's two-hour home movie of their holiday in the Dordogne suddenly becomes an increasingly attractive option. Please don't waste your time watching this. It'll only encourage them. I watched it because I kept hoping that it would improve, that it would redeem itself somehow. But it did not. Now I'm going to have a quiet cry because I've wasted precious minutes watching this nonsense. Which is what I hope the director did when he saw the rushes.

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