Oceans Rising


Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paper1 1 / 10

So scientifically inaccurate that it annoys me

If the magnetosphere of earth actually disappeared, the atmosphere would very slowly be skimmed off at 100km and above. To cause the ozone to disappear, the process would take millions of years. The ionosphere of the earth might also possibly produce a weak magnetic field as it interacts with the solar wind from the sun, providing yet further protection against a leaking atmosphere. There would be no earthquakes, sudden sun burns or melting of the caps!

Given we have at least a million years to work our how to fix the lack of magnetic field, it's pretty safe to say we would all survive. If the magnetic field flipped polarity, it wouldn't even be a problem.

Reviewed by OnlyNick 1 / 10

The Comedy That's Not A Comedy

There's something terrible about to happen to the world - a giant, Earth-killing wave will soon eradicate nearly everything. Only one man, a scientist no less, can save humanity but the powers that be won't listen to him. So, he does the next best thing: builds an ark that holds exactly 11 people.

It doesn't take too long for this disaster to occur, and when it does Dr. Josh and his loyal colleague, Dr. Pam, are in the right place at the right time - the boat yard! Suddenly, those who doubted Dr. Josh need his help with saving what's left of the planet. Now, the dynamic duo need to get to CERN in Switzerland and accelerate some particles, displace some gravitons, and reset the earth's magnetic field. Can they overcome impossible odds and do the impossible?

"I need three of you guys on the double," shouts Dr.Pam to a group of survivors she and Dr.Josh picked up floating around in the endless sea. "You're going to save the world."

This movie is classified as an "Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller." Well, let's see. Action? Check! Sci-Fi? Hmm, well ok. Thriller? Uhm...sure. How about adding "Comedy"? There are some serious LOL moments that I don't think are scripted as LOL moments. This is such an awesomely bad movie, and I think it actually takes pride in being that dreadful. The CGI is so awful it's mind-blowing.

Nonetheless, we need these kinds of atrocious movies to be more thankful for the ones that are bad, but not this bad. Therefore, when we see movies like "Sharnado (2013)", or the classic "Pootie Tang (2001)", we'll know that things can get worse. Quite worse.

TWO things you'll LIKE about "Oceans Rising": 1) If you're in a bad mood, this movie will cheer you up. 2) The next movie you see after this one will be better because they can't possible get worse than this one.

TWO things you'll DISLIKE: 1) The movie itself. 2) Whomever recommended it to you

Reviewed by pep-93375 1 / 10

Worth watching to truly understand what a bad film looks like

Oh my eyes, I did not realise that a film could actually be this bad. The actors try their best with the scripts they have been dealt with but you can only polish a turd so much. There were so many parts that were painfully bad that I couldn't possibly list them all. I felt embarrassed. It was like watching a sex scene with your parents in the room, my toes dug into the carpet and I just couldn't make eye contact with the TV or anyone in the room with me. I wanted to turn it off but it was so bad that I just had to watch, my brain just could not accept that the film could be that bad and I thought it was just a real sucky blip and it would somehow get better but it was unrelenting, assaulting me time and time again with poor CGI, even poorer character interactions and even worse stretches of imagination. .If I could bill someone for the electricity that I used to watch it, I would. A few points: 1) The Arc, is in fact a motorboat 2) The underwater scenes are CLEARLY in a pool 3) America to Switzerland in said motorboat in a day and a night... 4) 60 foot high single depth sandbag wall to stop the Tsunami 5) A telegraph pole falls over in the ocean and people stood in puddles are electrocuted Sorry, I can't recommend this film unless you know someone doing drama at school who has a production coming up and could do with a confidence boost.

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