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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Glyn-52-910242 10 / 10

If you like Sci Fi, you'll love this!

I hadn't really heard of Oblivion before I watched it, but I'm a big fan of Tom Cruise and his films, as he is such an excellent actor. Right from the start, the film doesn't disappoint. It has a real depth that a lot of action/Sci Fi films don't have. A beautiful ambient soundtrack is matched perfectly to the pace of the film and in it's own right is a work of excellence that I now listen to on my iPod.

The characters are believable, and as expected, Tom Cruise plays his character really well. Morgan Freeman also plays an excellent role here, and I feel was perfectly cast for his role.

The special effects are very good. The creators went to great efforts with many of the sets and props, constructing full size ships, and massive screens to project backgrounds, rather than just use blue screen and CGI, which I feel responsible for ruining many modern films. (The Star Wars prequels comes to mind!) Where CGI is used, it's not over the top, and blends well with the live action and real sets. The tower set is a work of pure beauty, and helps add to the bright and wide open feel of the film, if that makes sense.

As I said previously, the soundtrack is fantastic, and allows me to watch the film over and over without getting bored of it. The sound effects are excellent as well. Specifically the drones make excellent noises at various stages of the film.

The overall plot is very good. It has a good amount of twists, and real depth. It is all played out at a pace that seems to adapt perfectly to the story. Action sequences are fast, and deeper, more emotional sequences get the slower pace they deserve.

It's funny, but it's one of those films that maybe didn't win any awards and maybe didn't break box office records.. but I find myself watching it again and again as it's just so watchable and enjoyable. There very few films I own that I can watch, go back to the beginning, and watch again right away. Black Hawk Down is one of them, and now so is Oblivion. In fact I only watched it last week, but after writing this review, I'm tempted to watch it again tonight.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and continue to do so!

Reviewed by Cirja Onisim 9 / 10

Very good sci-fi flick! (No spoilers)

I was planning to watch this movie for a long while, actually ever since it came out in 2013. This movie tells the story of Jack Harper who does repairs and cleaning up in a post-apocaliptic world. As he progresses through the movie layers of his story come out and that makes for an interesting movie.

This movie was surprisingly received very poorly by the critics when it was released saying that it's the classic case of style over substance. I actually find to have many layers and a lot of character depth. The visuals are stunning and is sad to see that this movie didn't got nominated for an Oscar in 2014 for visuals. They are combined very well sometimes with beautiful landscapes that makes for a fantastic visual experience. But that's not the only thing this movie does right. The characters as the story develops have a lot more layers and depth than you might think at the beginning. The performances are pretty good especially from Tom Cruise who carries this movie forward, but also the rest of the cast do a good job in the screen time they have. The story is really good and at times full of mysterys and intrigue. There is one thing that bothered me and it was the fact that the story tried at times to be to much for the movie or for the pace it had. That meant some less screen time for certain characters that might seem promising or interesting at first. Another thing that I didn't like was that the story overall had some circumstance and motives lacking from some of the situations presented. I was constantly "it's good, but I would want more". That would have maybe involved me more into the story and in the movie. Apart from that the story has emotion and humanity at it's core and that is what I liked about it. It was about the characters while using a sci-fi scenario and it was something that you could relate to and have a message sent towards you with which you could remain with by the end of the movie. By the way the ending was beautiful but somewhat short. I mean I would have wanted a bit more explanations and more connections to be tied up by the end. But that didn't ruin the excitement I had overall with the movie. One last thing I'll mention is that the tech seemed very futuristic and realistic for a sci-fi but that is somewhat of an understatement for all the new sci-fi movies nowadays.

Overall a very good movie with great visuals, good enough story good performances and fine characters that intrigue as much as entertain the audience. 9/10

Reviewed by marci-38367 9 / 10

One of the best sci-fi of all time

Good characters, story, beautiful scenes. I enjoyed it so much.

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