Northpole: Open for Christmas



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Bailee Madison as Clementine
Dermot Mulroney as Ian Hanover
Lori Loughlin as Mackenzie Warren
Donovan Scott as Santa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Amakoa Akana 9 / 10

Adorable Kids and Simple Plot

Although it seems to me that Christmas in America has turned into Black Friday for adults, every year I look for a Christmas movie(s) with adorable kids, lots of silly magic, and a simple plot. Unfortunately, most Christmas movies are adult romances with not a child in sight. Because Bailee Madison (Bridges to Terebitha, Cowboys and Angels) and Ava Telek (Flowers in the Attic) are listed as main characters I acquired this and was happily surprised. Bailee is one of the few child actors who has become even more adorable as a teenager and together with Ava, they light up the screen with their smiles. Even now, days later, I giggle thinking about them. They remind me nostalgically of my girls when they were small and Christmas happy.

OK, the plot is a remake of a hundred other kid and matchmaker and Santa Claus movies. Thats fine with me, I like the variations of this often repeated story and, year after year, try to find the movie that does it best. This may not be the very best of all time (Miracle on 34th Street and The Grinch Before Christmas might be), but I clapped at the end.

I also might note that the opening credits montage is worth the price of admission. Also, I hope Bailee continues to do family movies and doesn't get sidetracked into depressing teenage sex and drugs chic flicks.

Reviewed by Jack Vasen 9 / 10

A different elf saves Christmas

This is a lighthearted story about Santa and elves and a nostalgic inn. There isn't a lot of plot and what story there is rambles and gets convoluted. But for those who are willing to forget reality and just ride along, it is enjoyable.

I've watched a few movies where Santa and/or the elves get a little too silly and childish in an effort to draw out humor. This movie uses a lighter touch with the mythical characters. There is still plenty of fantasy and fun.

Lori Loughlin and Dermot Mulroney are both over 50 at the time of the movie, but you sure don't notice that, at least with Loughlin. They work together well enough, but it's not their relationship that's magical.

For me, the real star of the show is Bailee Madison, as Clementine the elf. This young actress impresses me every time she does a Hallmark movie and this movie is no exception. Here, although she is only 16 at the time, she is starting to come into a role that isn't necessarily for a teenage actress. She interjects energy and optimism and a little wonder.

Reviewed by kz917-1 7 / 10

Sparkle & Shine

Northpole aired on the Hallmark channel as part of their Christmas in July programming.

Cute movie starring Lori Loughlin, Bailee Madison, & Dermot Mulroney. The movie is actually a sequel, but it is not necessary to have seen the first installment.

Mackenzie (Loughlin) inherits her Aunt's inn in Vermont and ponders selling it and getting back to her high powered lifestyle in the city as soon as possible.

What follows is Mackenzie's journey to rediscover her Christmas spirit and what truly is important to her heart.

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