Northmen - A Viking Saga


Action / Adventure

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Ed Skrein as Hjorr
Charlie Murphy as Inghean
Ryan Kwanten as Conall
James Norton as Bjorn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

some B sword work

Asbjorn and his Viking men are stranded in Scotland after losing their boat. They encounter a band of soldiers transporting princess Inghean to her wedding. After a fierce battle, they take her hostage. She has special powers of perception. King Dunchaid sends his men after them. They find a Christian monk who could guide them home.

It's a lower budget action adventure. It has no big names. The production and CGI is lower level. It's a rather simple chase fight movie. The plot does take a few questionable turns. It needs work to make it more exciting and the characters more compelling. The lead has limited charisma. This has some watch-ability value but not great even as a B movie.

Reviewed by uselessDM 6 / 10

An okay movie

This movie is okay. That's it. It has okay acting, okay action, okay special effects and so on. I guess if you are really into this kind of movie, you will like it a lot, because even though I'm not, I enjoyed it enough. The story is nothing to speak of, even if I would spell it out completely I wouldn't put a spoiler warning, because its blatantly obvious where it goes after five minutes, if not after looking at the poster. I think one thing that is missing is some really great scene that elevated the movie and be it only by being really cheesy. It maybe sounds strange, but I think this movie is too dignified for it's own good. Also, a better villain would really help. Although I kinda liked him, he was pretty bland beyond that he was a good fighter and that's it basically. Again, a bit more cheese would have helped make this movie more fun to watch because it is just a pretty standard affair plot wise. But, what I would emphasize, you get what your are promised with that film, and in the end, that's what counts.

Reviewed by Larry W Mayes 7 / 10

What Might Have Been (All caps for us old military types)

Imagine you recently discovered that there is a strong possibility you may gave descended from a Viking King. Your history minded self and a band of men are caught in a storm in a Longship that was breaking apart near land. You survive by washing up on a scant beach with straight massive cliffs as your only escape before the high tide returns.

Exhausted, most make it to the top to rest and recuperate, but you have been spotted by a small band of armed men who take you as hostiles and engage you in combat leaving behind a surprise in a horse drawn wagon with a princess inside while one rides away to raise the alarm. The landscape of mountains, gorges, moors and an unusual stone tower created a feeling of a lookout post that could have been seen in the movie "Willow" From this, a series of small bloody engagements cuts down the numbers on both sides as it is apparent the royal princess is in as much danger as you. In a time when people were much more in tune with the nature, certain sensitivities to the earth may have inspired some to read seemingly supernatural signs of the earth as graphically displayed by the princess with hand bloodied, then not as it gave her insight to advise the leader that they must move ahead and out of danger.

No doubt the combat sequences would have challenged the endurance of even the strongest men, but how can one sit there watching without some adrenaline flow, especially when those killed on the bad guy side are replaced from the unknown source as if they didn't read their script as they resume the chase and the fight.

This movie didn't start out so captivating, but seemed to keep me involved each time I started to change channels. Rates a 5 or 6, but since I was dragging my own Viking baggage along in thought, I boost it to a 7!

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