Norm of the North


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 9%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 22%
IMDb Rating 3.6 10 7461


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Bill Nighy as Socrates
Zachary Gordon as Norm Cub
Ken Jeong as Mr. Greene
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The Strict Movie Reviewer 1 / 10

Norm of the North: THE WORST MOVIE EVER MADE!?

Why? WHY?? WHY??? What was LionsGate thinking?? Clearly they were high when they thought of making this film. I'm not kidding, the movie is notorious! It even got a 2/10 review!! Norm, the main character, tries to protect his homeland. The arctic. But Norm...BOY There's SO MANY LEVELS OF WRONG WHEN IT COMES TO HIM. Like the number 1 problem that makes me cringe is his dance. He twerks. O_O. Speechless. ABSOLUTE SPEECHLESS! There's a scene where he has a mp3 player and FREAKING SHAKES HIS BUTT IN FRONT OF THE SCREEN!!! NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT!!! HE CALLS IT, THE FREAKING "ARTIC SHAKE!!! HE ALSO TWERKED IN ONCE SCENE WERE NORM WAS DANCING IN FRONT OF THESE ANIMALS!!! Clearly LionsGate was high when they made those scenes. Some people like his butt shake, but I digress. THIS IS THE WORST MOVIE EVER MADE BY MAN KIND!!!!!

Reviewed by Oliver Thatcher Watson 1 / 10

A film that should have always stayed on DVD

This is easily one of the worst animated films I've ever seen. With so-so CGI, stupid story, weak premise, and semi off sync voice acting, it's hard to think of a lot of other animated films being any worse. It tries to be funny sometimes, but it never is, and the film makes literally no sense. The whole idea of a freaking polar bear somehow boosting home sellers ratings in the Arctic of all places is literally one of the dumbest things I've ever heard, and I thought that Cars 2 had a stupid story, but this somehow makes that look like a masterpiece, which is quite the feat. The story also has no good flow. The transitions seem lazily done and the amount of choppiness and repetitiveness will more than likely make some viewers regret not watching anything better, which a lot of other films besides this would be. I don't like bashing movies, but I must warn everyone about this poor excuse of a kids movie that should have never played in theaters, as it has no reason to exist since there are so many other movies that kids would not only enjoy more, but get much more out of than this. I honestly can't recommend this film to anyone, as its dumb story and not so great CGI and voice acting make this film is in no way good. Kids and adults are all better off watching something else, as this is a film that should have always stayed on DVD.

Reviewed by gavinwrivera 1 / 10

Really Bad

The only thing good about this movie is that it tells people not to harm the environment. I like that message. You wouldn't force a Polar Bear to leave its own home. But there are three reasons why this is bad. 1. The animation looks like it's from a mid-2000s Pixar short film. 2. The toilet humor isn't funny. 3. The plot is BO-RING! BO-RING! I think this was a box office bomb.

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