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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 9%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 53%
IMDb Rating 4 10 57906


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Kristen Schaal as Event Organizer
Eddie Murphy as Norbit / Rasputia / Mr. Wong
Terry Crews as Big Jack Latimore
Thandie Newton as Kate Thomas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by martinezral 8 / 10

A lot funnier than given credit for

This movie is very underrated. The verbal insults thrown back & forth by the characters and the subtle and not-so-subtle behavior is just plain hilarious.

I've seen it twice, and both times I laughed very did the other people watching the movie. I think there's a lot of folks that find poking fun at obesity, nerdiness, and pimps as "offensive." Generally those are people that are likely stuffy and rarely happy. "Get a life!" is the best advice for those critics. Never does this movie promise to do more than make you laugh, and it does that quite well.

If you liked "The Longest Yard," "Anchorman," or "Dodgeball," then you're likely to enjoy Norbit.

Reviewed by anmcool 8 / 10

For all you movie critics that hated this movie, YOUR WRONG! Absolutely Hysterical

All the people that thought that this movie was crude, distasteful and horrid, You have no sense of humor whatsoever. I could not stop laughing throughout this movie. Norbit is a great comedy and it shows what a versatile actor Eddie Murphy is. I don't know why people think this movie is " Crude" or "Racist" . This is just reality. This is really how the media and the people in this world view these types of people. If it was racist against African Americans, I don't think am African American actor ( Eddie Murphy) and all the others would have agreed to make this movie. All you haters need to rethink your idea of comedy because this is comedic genius.

Reviewed by claknoxville 8 / 10

"Well Raspucia, you have been eating so much lately..."

Wow, I don't no why this movie has received such low ratings! Okay, I understand that there really is no point to the movie. No climax, unforgettable conclusion, I understand. BUT IT WAS FUNNY! Lol, if you ever want to see a movie just to LAUGH, then you have to see Norbit. Eddie Murphy is Brilliant as usual and the characters he plays are pricelesss. I sure did ecjoy watching this hysterical movie. I highly recommend this movie to all ages! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA, im laughing now thats how funny this movie was. WOW. But anywhoo,like i said before, if you want to watch a movie, not worry about anything else, then Norbit is a must see. LOl, I loved it and believe me, you won't regret it!

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