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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 60%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
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Julianne Moore as Jen Summers
Liam Neeson as Bill Marks
Corey Stoll as Austin Reilly
Anson Mount as Jack Hammond
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adrian-43767 1 / 10

Non stop rubbish

What a pity to see acting talent like Neeson and Moore wasted on this nonsensical plot. For starters, almost the entire film is spent inside the aircraft, and before that, for a few minutes, inside an airport, making it an almost unbearably claustrophobic film. As if that were not unpleasant enough, Moore disappears from the screen for long periods, almost as if she leaves the plane, only to return to speak a few pointless lines to Neeson. She is not even seen mingling with other passengers, she does not appear in passenger group shots, but, rather, moves suspiciously around the toilet area, near the air hostesses and cockpit, and she contributes ZERO to the plot, apart from what appears to be a sudden blossoming of unexpected love for Neeson in the movie's last frames.

Neeson, usually a highly reliable actor, is apathetic and never comes into his own in this flick - but then, he is not helped by a script that variously makes him a hero or a vlllain, and where passengers facing bomb and other threats actually have the luxury of watching TV and learning that Neeson is a psychopath cop, as if personal data like that were conveyed over TV, especially when there are hundreds of lives at risk in an aircraft under attack from a villain who is anything but credible or menacing, and who, for no apparent reason, actually saves Neeson from passenger lynching at one point.

There is another, NYPD cop on board, but he is just as dumb and gullible as the would-be robbers/criminals, and tenderfoot as the little girl who reminds Neeson of his own dead daughter. So schmaltzy...

The final straw in terms of credibility is the bomb that explodes and yet the plane is able to land with everyone apparently unscathed. I could have kicked myself for watching this NON-STOP rubbish to the end.

Best avoided. Gets 1 star because I can't zero it.

Reviewed by andrew_james10 9 / 10

Wasn't expecting that

Nothing on TV so had a look at my Amazon Prime Video and thought I'd spend an hour or so of escapism to kill time. But wow this is a very tense and exciting movie with the usual Neeson but the plot line and direction are superb. Twists and turns all over the place. A real whodunnit for over an hour. Would have been a ten but for the ending which was slightly rushed compared with the rest of the film.

Reviewed by nadinesalakovv 6 / 10

This flick is only worth renting, not buying.

"Non-Stop" is currently available on the free section of Amazon Prime Video, it's the type of film that is only worth watching for free or via renting, it isn't that good of a film as to buy.

The performances are very good and the intensity is how it should be, but for an Aeroplane thriller there's only so much you can do. The plot is not 100% original and the twist is unexpected until near the end, it is slightly predictable.

"Non-Stop" is better than "Flightplan", but not as good as "Passenger 57" and "Red Eye", these two movies have something that "Non-Stop" lacks, i can't put my finger on it, but there is just something that is just too standard with "Non-Stop".

"Non-Stop" - A movie that is worth watching, but is not a brilliant motion picture.

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